Joy Behar

Joy Behar launched a vile attack on Donald Trump’s children the ABC talk show “The View,” recently. She claims that his family is full of “mediocrities.” She made these comments in response to claims that Ivanka Trump and her brother Donald Trump Jr. are in a “Cold War” that has seen both of them vying for influence over the family’s “dynasty.”

Behar Blasts Trump Children

“There’s stories about them being a dynasty — that after Trump is gone, then the next idiot and then the next idiot and then the next idiot,” Behar said, according to Fox News. “This family is filled with mediocrities. Trump, to his credit, is a hideous, charismatic con man — that has a little potential for something. These other ones have nothing.”

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Cohost Meghan McCain responded by pointing out that Donald Jr. is extremely popular in the U.S. She then added that she believes Ivanka has not lived up to the “hype” surrounding her.

“It was fascinating that he, on the campaign trail, is one of the biggest fundraisers for the [Republican National Committee],” McCain said of Donald Jr., “that apparently in red America, he’s like a folk hero and that he actually has turned into the person that’s been basically the most beneficial for the administration when Ivanka, I still don’t know what she does all day, hasn’t necessarily lived up to the hype.”

Abby Huntsman Defends Trump Children

When cohost Abby Huntsman tried to say that she felt sorry for Trump’s children, Behar shut her down. She sarcastically said, “Oh, boo hoo hoo.” Undeterred, Huntsman added that she once spent “the whole day” with Ivanka. Huntsman concluded that the first daughter disagreed with her father on “almost everything.”

“When I interviewed Ivanka, I could see it in her face … that she wanted to tell me something that she couldn’t,” Huntsman said.

Behar, however, continued her attack saying that she does not believe Ivanka is in a tough spot at all. She added that the first daughter should decide to oppose her father and “save the United States.”

Behar Mocks Barron Trump

This is far from the first time Behar has gone after Trump’s children. In 2017, when Melania Trump and her then-11 year-old son Barron did not move to the White House right away with the president, Behar disrespected the boy by referring to him as “that child.”

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“Somebody find this out for me, the price that we’re paying for losing the NEA, the National Endowment for the Arts, because we are paying for this woman to live in New York with that child,” Behar said.

It’s beyond disrespectful and unacceptable for Behar to go after President Trump’s children just because she does not like him. If any television personality had gone after Malia and Sasha Obama in this way, all Hell would have broken loose. And, they would have been fired from their jobs immediately. ABC needs to show Behar and her fellow liberals that this behavior will not be tolerated by firing her at once.

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