Obama Daughter Sasha Malia n-word viral video TikTok

Former First Daughter Sasha Obama, the younger of Barack and Michelle Obama’s two daughters, was caught on camera this week rapping the n-word while lip-syncing to an explicit rap song in a viral TikTok video.

Sasha Obama Lip-Syncs The N-Word In Viral TikTok Video

Daily Mail reported that the clip showed Sasha, who is a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Michigan, wildly lip-syncing the lyrics to Moneybagg Yo’s crude song “Said Sum” alongside an unnamed friend.

The rap song that Sasha is lip-syncing to also features the rap duo City Girls. The video was initially uploaded to TikTok by a user with the handle @Cakethatsmg.

But, the incriminating video was quickly deleted when people immediately started recognizing the daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama.

Unfortunately for Sasha, however, the video will likely live on on the internet forever.

You can watch Sasha Obama eagerly lip-sync along to the vulgar rap song with the n-word lyric in the TikTok video below:

“All these n****s wanna f**k JT / Hellcat, this a SRT,” Sasha is seen lip-syncing while she and her unnamed friend take turns rapping the lyrics to the song. 

Sasha looks like she’s all grown up and ready for a night out on the town in the clip.

The college sophomore is shown wearing a brown zip-up sweatshirt over a black belly-baring top and jeans.

Her long hair is pulled back tightly, her nails are noticeably long, and she’s blinged out with lots of rings and necklaces.

Michelle Obama Talks Her Daughters

Michelle claimed last month that both Sasha and her older sister Malia are at home doing virtual classes amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

She also admitted in an interview with Conan O’Brien that both girls are getting sick of being home with their parents all the time.

“I think first our kids got a little sick of us … which was fine, ’cause we were pretty much sick of them,” she said. “And so the summer started happening, and then we could be outside a little bit more, and we came to the vineyard, where we still are, and so there’s more room to roam around … that was good, ’cause it helped us break it up.”

“And now the kids are back in Zoom land with classes,” Michelle added. “They’re doing it remotely. And they’re no longer thrilled about being with us.”

You can watch Michelle Obama’s full interview with Conan O’Brien below.

So are we to presume Sasha’s viral n-word video was made on the Obama’s watch? While at home?

Judging from this video of her mouthing the n-word, however, perhaps more parental supervision is exactly what this young lady needs.

Obama Daughters Sasha And Malia Both Earn Unflattering Headlines

Sasha is generally thought of as the Obama daughter who stays out of trouble. Her 22 year-old sister Malia, however, has found herself in the headlines for negative reasons.

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Earlier this year, Malia was told to “shut the f*** up” by a standup comedian.

Why you may ask? Because Malia and a friend were behaving disrespectfully during his comedy set in Boston, Massachusetts.

“I was doing standup and I was watching the show before I went on, I was going on last, and there were these two hot women, young women, in the front, that the whole show were whispering,” recalled comedian Pete Holmes. “It’s worse than heckling. What a Black Mirror nightmare to be doing stand up, and there’s two attractive girls – which is what made every nerd into a comedian – in the front row whispering and laughing at people on the stage, but in a bad way.”

At the time, the comic had no idea that one of the girls was Malia Obama.

“And then I go on last, and I tell a joke, and they’re whispering and laughing and giggling, and I’m just like, ‘What’s going on? I can see you.”’ Holmes said. “They were in the front row. They were in the light. Like the spotlight was on them as well. And I just go, ‘What’s going on? I can see you, please stop.'”

When Malia and her friend continued ignoring Holmes, he finally took action.

“Then I get a little more like, ‘Shut up. Look at my face. I’m here to help,'” he explained. “But you know, you push Petey too far. I’m like, ‘Please, shut the f*** up.'”

“And I go, ′I don’t care. Enjoy the show however you want. I just don’t want to see you,’ and I cover them with the curtain,” Holmes said. “I thought this would get a big laugh. Nothing. The whole audience turns on me.”

Full Story: Malia Obama Told To ‘Shut The F*** Up’ By Comedian For Interrupting His Show

Barack and Michelle Obama might want to spend a little more time focusing on helping their daughters grow into proper young women.

And a little less time telling the rest of us how to live our lives.

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