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Stella Parton, the sister of Dolly Parton, is sounding off on Twitter against things like critical race theory and illegal immigration.
Bubba Wallace
The NASCAR racer Bubba Wallace unraveled this week as he lashed out at what he described as the “dumbasses” on social media.
NASCAR driver Bill Lester
Bubba Wallace brought the attention back to himself when legendary NASCAR driver Bill Lester was booed on the track this past weekend.
Bubba Wallace noose
Bubba Wallace made getting the Confederate flag banned from NASCAR a top priority, now, he’s opening up about about the noose scandal.
University Of Texas Austin
March 2, 2021
University of Texas Austin alumni and donors are pushing back against cancel culture that wants to stop playing the school song at ball games.
NASCAR Confederate Flag ban
February 24, 2021
NASCAR’s decision to ban the Confederate flag is being hailed as a success as the fandom has gotten more diverse.
Bubba Wallace racetrack
January 28, 2021
NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace admits “the results haven’t been there” on the racetrack as he sets lofty goals for 2021.
Bubba Wallace woke NASCAR haters
January 14, 2021
Driver Bubba Wallace patted himself on the back for making NASCAR woke in a new interview saying, “I pissed a lot of people off.”
NASCAR Bubba Wallace social justice activism platform ESPN
How NASCAR became the platform of choice for driver Bubba Wallace to push his social justice activism in 2020 and beyond.
Bubba Wallace NASCAR politics confederate flag ban
December 15, 2020
Bubba Wallace addressed NASCAR fans who don’t want politics with racing and disagree with his social justice agenda or confederate flag ban.
NASCAR Bubba Wallace vote Trump
November 6, 2020
NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace has revealed that he just voted for the very first time in this week’s election.
Bubba Wallace NASCAR ratings Trump
After Trump predicted poor NASCAR ratings, Bubba Wallace was quick to celebrate when he saw a ratings chart on Twitter. But his victory lap was premature.
Golden Girls Blanche Southern roots cancel culture
A “Golden Girls” episode centered around Blanche’s Southern roots was funny in 1997 but is it too much for the radicals behind cancel culture today?
Justin Timberlake Confederate Statues
Music mogul Justin Timberlake just shamed America’s founding fathers in an Instagram post calling for the removal of confederate statues.
Faith Hill
Country music star Faith Hill is calling on lawmakers in Mississippi to change the state’s flag because it includes the Confederate symbol.
Noose Bubba Wallace
A noose has allegedly just been found in the garage stall of Bubba Wallace, the only black driver in the NASCAR Cup Series.
George Washington Statue Portland Antifa Andy Ngo
June 19, 2020
Antifa terrorists in Portland torched an American flag on top of a statue of George Washington. Then the leftwing extremists pulled the statue down.
Bubba Wallace NASCAR
NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace just took a shot at NASCAR Truck Series driver Ray Ciccarelli, who left racing over the Confederate flag ban.