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Nothing is sacred anymore. Not even the “Golden Girls”. Cancel culture has already targeted one episode of the long-running 1980s sitcom with our favorite foursome. And, judging how sensitive people are these days, another “Golden Girls” episode centered around Blanche risks getting cancelled as well. 

Don’t Mess With My “Golden Girls”

Humor isn’t meant to be sterilized. It wasn’t that long ago that most people could take a joke.

“Golden Girls” was a family friendly show in the late 80s and early 90s, but everything is offensive these days.

That’s why this clip from a 1991 episode in which Blanche finds out she is a “Yankee” might just be deemed too politically incorrect by today’s standards.  

Long time “Golden Girls” fans remember how proud Blanche was of being a Southern. Her heritage was deeply ingrained in her. She loved her family and what they went through.

But, being proud of your Southern roots is under fire these days. Radicals on the left wants everything purified of the past. And that includes much about Southern heritage.

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In this particular episode, Blanche was completing her family tree and Dorothy was giving her assist with the records. Blanche needed to prove that she was 100% Southern.

“This club celebrates individuals who can prove they come from 100% Confederate stock..And if You can’t then Fiddle-Dee-Doo to You!,” Blanche told Dorothy. 

Did you catch that, folks? They used the term Confederate with a positive connotation. Like it can be a point of pride and not a black mark. Things can only go downhill from here in the eyes of cancel culture. 

Blanche Explores Her Southern Roots

“Well, I hate telling you this, Blanche… no, that’s not true,” Dorothy said. “I look forward to telling you this, Blanche. The woman your great-grandfather married was born, well, outside of Georgia.”

Blanche’s great-grandmother was a bona fide Yankee. She was from Buffalo, New York. She was having a crisis moment when she learned that she was part Yankee.

After all, it completely dispelled everything Blanche had been told about her family. But, there was more. Dorothy had yet another revelation. 

“Oh, did I mention, her name was Feldman?,” Dorothy snarkily cackled at Blanche. 

Blanche is not only a Yankee, but she is part Jewish too! There was no way she was going to get into that exclusive Southern club now! 

You can watch this hilarious clip below. Anyone who has watched this show understands how funny this revelation is!

“Golden Girls” Episode Cancelled

By 1991 standards, this is just funny. But by 2020 standards, it is likely offensive to the political correctness police.

After all, everyone should be included. The fact that Blanche was inquiring about joining a club that excluded others could warrant being cancelled. And, of course, the attack on all things Southern only seems to be escalating.

Just looked at the good ol’ Duke boys and their General Lee. Cancelling the “Golden Girls” may feel like a stretch, but it’s not.

Another “Golden Girls” episode was recently yanked from Hulu. The reason was even more ridiculous.

Rose and Blanche were treating themselves to mud masks. That was enough to look like blackface and Hulu tossed the episode from its streaming service. 

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