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In 2020, some fans started referring to Bubba Wallace as the Colin Kaepernick of NASCAR for his social justice activism on and off the racetrack after his success with the Confederate flag ban and introducing BLM support to the sport.

NASCAR’S Bubba Wallace Gets Political

Now, Wallace is speaking out to send a message NASCAR fans who think he’s made the sport too political. Especially anyone who is against NASCAR’s Confederate flag ban.

It all started in June of this year when Wallace called for NASCAR to ban the Confederate flag from racetracks.

To the surprise of fans everywhere, the league quickly complied and in its place NASCAR had anthem kneeling and BLM gear.

In the aftermath, NASCAR’s ratings plummeted but Bubba Wallace doesn’t seem to care. He’s happy to replace old fans with new, more ‘inclusive’ one.

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Bubba Wallace Fires Back At NASCAR Fans Who Are Against Him

This week Wallace decided to address any NASCAR fans that don’t agree with him bringing his politics to the racetrack.

“It’s not political,” Wallace told Yahoo Finance. “It’s doing the right thing. If politics is doing the right thing, okay, but it’s not. People, they look to athletes, they look to us, as their entertainment, their escape from the real world.”

“Well, the real world is affecting the athletes,” he added.

“It’s affecting us, and we have to stand up for that. We want to make this a better place for everybody. It’s not just like we live a lavish lifestyle, and we avoid all these topics. No. These are topics that relate directly to us—in my sport it’s not as much to everybody as it is to me—but throughout all sports, we want to be on the right side of change and the right side of history.”

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He Wants To Be A ‘Household Name’ ON The Racetrack

The No. 23 Toyota Camry driver is clearly still obsessed with social justice. Yet Wallace claims that his goal going into next year is to become “a household name” for his racing abilities.

“One thing that motivates me to get next year going is that I became a household name off the racetrack,” a clearly self-centered Wallace said.

“And it’s like, man, I want to become a household name on the racetrack. For the success we have.”

Becoming famous for his racing abilities could be a challenge for Wallace.  In 112 Cup Series races, Wallace has not won a single one, a stat that does not bode well for his future in NASCAR.

Some NASCAR fans are left to question how much talent the 27-year-old brings to the racetrack, if any at all.

But Wallace’s losing record does not deter him.

“There’s a lot of pressure on me to go out and perform and compete, so I’m excited about that,” he says.

“I think if you look at everything that was thrown at me this year, I can just up about manage my way through any rough traffic and handle the weight of that.”

Bubba Wallace Rocks NASCAR With ‘Hate Crime’ Scandal

It’s unclear what exactly Wallace thinks was “thrown” at him this past year.

Wallace should really be apologizing for things that he “threw” at NASCAR, as it was him who falsely claimed to be a victim of a hate crime earlier this year, only for the FBI to conclude that it was anything but that.

Immediately after NASCAR banned Confederate flags from races, Wallace made headlines when he claimed to have found a noose in his garage at a racetrack, claiming that he was a victim of a hate crime.

After the FBI investigated, however, they concluded that this “noose” was actually just a piece of rope that had been in the garage since last year, long before Wallace was assigned to it.

Despite calls by even President Donald Trump himself to apologize, Wallace never issued an apology for his mistake to NASCAR.

Judging from how smug he was in his new interview, Wallace has no regrets about this, and he won’t be changing his ways anytime soon.

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