Dolly Parton’s Sister Stella Slams Woke Left – ‘White People Aren’t All Evil’

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Dolly Parton’s sister Stella, who is also a renowned singer, is being targeted by the woke left after she took to social media to say that “white people aren’t all evil.”

Stella Parton Sounds Off

Daily Mail reported that while Stella has expressed liberal views in the past, she’s been hitting out at issues like illegal immigrants, critical race theory, and the idea that police officers are all racist on her Twitter account.

“What good is a career if you stay silent on crucial issues affecting our ‘free society?'” she questioned.

Stella first took to Twitter on February 23 to shoot down the leftwing idea that all police officers are inherently racist.

“Once I had a next door neighbor/white guy steal mail from my box and forge my checks that I had used to pay my monthly bills. The police did nothing. How racist is that?” she asked. “It’s human rights. We all have rights and when someone violates your human rights, it’s a crime against you.”

“‘It was three white police officers who assaulted my human rights in my home. Does that make me a racist?” she continued. 

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Stella Slams Reverse Discrimination

Later that same day, Stella went off about reverse discrimination.

“There’s also a hell of a lot of reverse discrimination in this country as well,” she tweeted. “It gets a bit much to have spent almost 74 yrs. on this planet and to see how far we have reverted back to such ignorance and opportunistic. Other countries are just as racist and just as crime ridden but everyone points at America but all humans are flawed, no matter your make or model.”

Stella went on to say that people should “‘stop cherry picking and acting so self righteous.”

“When is the last time black people have included or stood up for the indigenous/native Americans in this country?” she asked. “It’s all a me, me, me mentality in America. White people aren’t all evil and I resent that accusation from my perspective. Many of us believe in equality for all.”

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Stella Blasts Critical Race Theory

In another series of tweets, Stella slammed critical race theory and criticized the push to tear down Confederate monuments. 

“Let’s talk about critical race theory being taught in schools,” she said. “I think it definitely should be taught, if it includes Native Americans, Chinese Americans and Hispanic Americans, many [who] were here before our ancestors stepped foot on American soil.”

“How does it work if we wipe out the present history by tearing down the monuments who were heroes to some, when we should just do the opposite and erect more monuments of any and all heroic figures in our inclusive history,” Stella continued. “Or is it an insult for me to point this out? I am white after all, so that makes my point invalid, is that it?”

On top of that, Stella called out the fact that illegal immigrants are driving without insurance. 

“Drugs, greed, ego and more hate in all echelons of our society is the issue, but let’s blame it all on white people since it has to be someone’s fault,” she tweeted. “No one else will dare look at themselves. Everyone is guilty of prejudice, bigotry, misogyny, racism, ageism, elitism.”

“It’s so painful to take responsibility for our own actions when it’s so much easier to blame someone else for our actions,” Stella continued. “Deflect and deflect some more! We are all guilty of evil regardless of how pure we think we are.”

Liberals Fire Back

Liberals have unsurprisingly lost their minds over Stella’s tweets, with one person commenting that “reverse racism isn’t a thing.”

Another person tweeted that Stella’s “recent spate of hateful, racist tweets, though, has been such a big disappointment and so uncharacteristic of her — I honestly hoped she’d been hacked When I realized it WAS her, I couldn’t unfollow fast enough.”

“Stella Parton needs to crawl back into her hole and be quiet,” a third leftist tweeted. “She has a white savior complex and I’m over it.”

While Stella has since claimed that her Twitter account has been hacked a few times over the past few months, she didn’t specify which tweets allegedly weren’t posted by her. We can only hope that she stays strong in the face of the backlash that she is receiving, because she made a lot of good points in those tweets!