NASCAR driver Bill Lester

Longtime NASCAR driver Bill Lester made his return to the sport this past Saturday when he raced in the NASCAR Truck Series Fr8Auctions 200 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Lester drew a big crowd respond and Bubba Wallace couldn’t resist weighing in.

Wallace Makes Lester’s Situation All About Himself

Though it no doubt felt good for him to get behind the wheel again, some fans were saddened to notice that many spectators appeared to be booing him. Saturday marked the firs time Lester raced in 14 years.

When one fan commented about the situation, Bubba Wallace took it upon himself to respond, and unsurprisingly, he made the entire thing about race.

“To some we all look the same…probably thought it was me,” Wallace said of Lester, who also happens to be black.

Wallace has made a name for himself over the past year by becoming the Colin Kaepernick of NASCAR.

He implied that the racing world is racist as he fought to get the Confederate flag banned from speedways.

It’s typical of Wallace to use what happened to Lester to once again shame NASCAR fans as “racist.”

He also shamelessly tried to get more attention for himself by inserting himself into a situation that has nothing to do with him.

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Lester Speaks Out On Wallace

Despite all the division that Wallace has brought about when it comes to NASCAR, Lester praised him on Saturday in an interview with USA TODAY

“For young, Black youth or youth of color, they have to see more athletes that look like them in this sport, right?” Lester said. “They need to see more Bubba Wallaces or Bubba Wallace having more success. It’s going to come. I believe, honestly, that it’s going to come with that program. But you know, folks are expecting way too much too soon. It’s not going to happen overnight. …

“But as soon as somebody like Bubba starts winning and more folks from the Black community start seeing that and realizing that’s something that they can do — because they see that, they have that exposure — then that’ll be something they start trying to do,” he added.

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Bill Lester Talks Racing Return

Lester also talked about what it has been like to get behind the wheel again at 60 years of age.

“I need to find out how I feel behind the wheel,” he said. “Do I still love it like I remember I loved it? Or is it something it’s like, ‘OK, I did it. It was cool. But I have no more burning desire, [and] the flame is extinguished’? I don’t know, and I am just as excited and encouraged to find out.”

We wish Bill Lester the best of luck should he continue to race.

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