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Bubba Wallace made a name for himself last year as the Colin Kaepernick of NASCAR when he led the charge in getting the Confederate flag banned from racing. 

Wallace Finds Fame Off The Racetrack 

Wallace became so famous for his “woke” ways that many non-NASCAR fans would probably be surprised to learn that he has never even won a race.

In fact, his best finish in a Cup race was one runner-up showing at the Daytona 500 way back in 2018, according to NBC Sports.

Nobody is more aware of this than Wallace himself. And, he’s publicly setting some pretty lofty goals to try and make a name for himself in his actual profession, rather than in just being another athlete to whine about race all the time.

Wallace said: 

I know that I need to go out and perform and win races to become a household name on the racetrack.” 

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He went on to show once again how full of himself he is by bragging about the fame he achieved through his race-baiting in 2020.

“I’m a household name off the racetrack because of everything that happened last year,” Wallace said. “As good and as great as that is, I need to balance that out with on-track performance and the results haven’t been there. Obviously, circumstances and everything.”

Wallace Sets 2021 Goal

Wallace then specifically revealed his goal for 2021. 

“Looking at this year and moving forward with what we have, with Toyota, with the partnership with (Joe Gibbs Racing) and just with everything going on at 23XI Racing, there’s no reason why we can’t go out and be good and compete for wins and put ourselves in the playoffs this year,” he added. “I have written down in a text message two wins this year. That’s solid. That’s doable.”

“This is different,” he said. “This is different. Everything is there. No more excuses for me. That’s the motto. All the resources, personnel, equipment, everything, you name it, it is right there to go out and capitalize on.”

“No more excuses” from Wallace would certainly be refreshing, given how full of excuses he has been in the past. 

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Wallace Is Setting The Bar Very High

Given the fact that Wallace has never won a race, he probably should have set the bar a little lower for himself and just said he’d be happy with even one win.

No one has gone from zero Cup wins to multiple ones since 2018 when Chase Elliott managed to win three. But he didn’t have all the distractions off the racetrack that Wallace will undoubtedly have given his “woke” celebrity status. 

Wallace has caused more than enough trouble for NASCAR in the past year that he certainly will have many fans hoping that he falls flat on his face and doesn’t even come close to getting the two wins he’s hoping for this year.

Wallace himself should not be surprised if come the end of this season, he walks away with no wins and a whole lot of egg on his face. 

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