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Tina Turner renounced her U.S. citizenship to move to Switzerland years ago, and she once revealed why she did this to Larry King.
In a new interview, the radically liberal Hollywood star Jane Fonda is claiming that she once saw Michael Jackson naked.
Kirk Cameron has learned a lot about the woke left after spending the past five months touring libraries across America.
The singer and actor Pat Boone is warning that America is “going down the tubes morally” as he celebrates 70 years in show business.
John Rich, the conservative country music star, has released a new anti-woke song called “End Of The World.”
Goldie Hawn was labeled “difficult” to work with in the 1970s, and her daughter Kate Hudson is now defending her from these claims.
Joy Behar questioned whether the United States of America is still “exceptional” in a clear show of disrespect to the country.
Brooke Shields has revealed that she apologized to Dean Cain for not making their college relationship “easy.”
Stella Parton, the sister of Dolly Parton, is sounding off on Twitter against things like critical race theory and illegal immigration.
The singer Kid Rock has just announced his new tour, which will be called the “No Snowflakes Summer Concert” tour.
February 15, 2023
After Nikki Haley announced that she’s running for president in 2024, Whoopi Goldberg lost it on “The View.”
“Superman” himself Dean Cain is going above and beyond to honor police officers on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day!
Just two days before he passed away at the age of 42, Elvis made some chilling comments about God to his stepbrother.
September 23, 2022
Kanye West is cancelling his deal with Gap partly because of the brand’s ties to China, as he’s putting America first.
Chicago Fire
September 16, 2022
The cast and crew of the hit NBC show “Chicago Fire” got a bit too close to the reality of Chicago when a shooting occurred near set.
Ozzy Osbourne has announced that he and his wife Sharon are leaving the U.S. because he “doesn’t want to die in crazy America.”
Olivia Newton-John was reportedly suffering in her final days before she passed away on Monday at the age of 73.
John Rich is speaking out to reveal the “problem” with Joe Biden’s America after his anti-woke song “Progress” hit number 1.