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lainey wilson farmer
May 20, 2024
When she was asked where she gets her work ethic from, country singer Lainey Wilson said it was from a family of farmers.
paul mccartney billionaire
May 17, 2024
Sir Paul McCartney is the United Kingdom’s first billionaire musician, after a lifetime of creating hit songs.
steve carell the office
May 15, 2024
Actor Steve Carell, who played the flamboyant Michael Scott in the TV show “The Office,” will not be reprising his role in the spinoff.
Top Gun 3
May 15, 2024
Top Gun producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed that actor Tom Cruise is on board for another sequel to the smash hit Top Gun.
Steve Buscemi
May 13, 2024
Famous actor Steve Buscemi was randomly attacked in NYC. The Big Lebowski actor was formerly a firefighter who helped out with 9/11 recovery.
katy perry american idol
May 13, 2024
Iconic pop singer Katy Perry is set to leave her role as a judge on American Idol, and she has a plan for her final show.
speed 3
May 9, 2024
Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock recently said that they would love to work together again on Speed 3, a sequel to Speed.
de niro con
May 9, 2024
This year, the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City will honor actor Robert De Niro with his own 10-film series called De Niro Con.
Meg Gala
May 7, 2024
From Cardi B to Doja Cat and Sydney Sweeney, the stars really came out for the Met Gala 2024 after parties in NYC.