roman reigns keeping title
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Whether we like it or not, it looks like Roman Reigns will be keeping his undisputed title quite a while longer. And, after a crazy week, Chris Jericho has been praised for his leadership.

Roman Reigns Keeping Title

He’s already been champion for two years, and it looks like Roman Reigns will be keeping his undisputed title a while longer.

With WWE under new creative leadership, many fans wondered if it might mean a rapid end to Roman Reigns’ long run at the top.

Thus far, it has not. The best chance of late was at Clash at the Castle, but we know how that turned out.

Now, according to, it seems like Roman Reigns will be keeping the title as previously planned.

Yes, it seems Triple H is sticking to Vince McMahon’s plan of having Reigns enter WrestleMania 39 with both belts.

Before the big regime change, the long-rumored major match for WrestleMania 39 was potentially Roman Reigns and The Rock.

And, it is believed that Vince McMahon’s plan was to have Reigns beat his cousin, but drop the titles shortly after.

For now, this is one creative point that Triple H seems on board with.

roman reigns keeping title

source:@timesnowsports, twitter, screenshot

However, as we’ve noticed over the last couple months, plenty of things are changing, and things are also quite fluid.

While Hunter might like Reigns and The Rock right now, there is also no assurance that The Rock would even be available for such a headline match.

He is rather busy with his day job, after all.

As much as some fans might be wishing for Reigns to drop at least one title…it seems we have to wait a few more months for that.

And not everyone hates the history making run…

Chris Jericho Praised

In what likely won’t shock long time wrestling fans, Chris Jericho has been praised for his leadership behind the scenes in AEW.

If you somehow missed it, this week was quite a crazy one for AEW.

All Out was just about a week ago, and it ended with a media scrum and unplanned locker room brawl.

The fallout left the roster in a bit of chaos. A number of talents were suspended, and some may still be fired for what happened.

On top of that, by the time Dynamite kicked off, AEW had no world champion. They were also about to crown new Trios Champions yet again.

roman reigns keeping title

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Before Wednesday’s show, the locker room needed another pep talk. This time around, the talking came from three stars.

Those three being Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho.

All three were lauded, but Chris Jericho in particular was praised for his leadership.

Given the week that many in the locker room endured, leaning on solid veteran leadership is a good thing.

Considering that neither Jericho and Moxley were initially supposed to be on the show on Wednesday, having Jericho step up and earn praise is a good thing.


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