Boogeyman New WWE Deal
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The Boogeyman may not have won championships during his heyday in the WWE. However, he continues to be a legendary character engrained in many wrestling fans’ memories. Now, it seems, he’s signed a new deal with the company.

Boogeyman Signs New WWE Deal

Sounds like the Boogeyman is coming to “get’cha”, again. The scary, creepy, and worm-eating talent recently revealed on Twitter that he’s signed a new contract with the WWE.

Marty Wright, also known as the infamous Boogeyman, recently posted a video on Twitter. It showed that he was signing his new WWE deal.

The video can be seen above. Wright’s caption thanks Vince McMahon within it.

What Type Of New WWE Deal Has Boogeyman Signed?

There’s currently no more information on the type of deal Wright signed with the WWE. With that said, it’s likely a Legends contract.

The Boogeyman was a terrifying, yet intriguing WWE character in the mid-2000s. While he ended his run with the company in 2009, he has made sporadic appearances since 2012.

One of the most memorable ones was during the 2015 Royal Rumble when he entered the men’s match as a surprise entrant at #7. He also appeared on the RAW Reunion show in 2019, helping Pat Patterson score the WWE 24/7 Championship.

Speaking of legends, WWE Hall of Famer and former Women’s Champion recently appeared on The Bellas Podcast. One of the topics was around what her ideal WM 39 match would be.

Trish Stratus – WrestleMania 39

While the WWE is on the road to WrestleMania 38, WM 39 is only just over a year away. What would Trish Stratus’s ideal bout with that card be?

Boogeyman New WWE Deal

Source:@ewrestlingnew, Twitter, Screenshot

Initially, Nikki answered the question, stating an eight-woman tag team with the Four Horsewomen and WWE’s “original pioneers” of the women’s division might be a good one.

Bella notes for “Hollywood”, it would have to be Trish, Lita, and the Bella Twins versus the Four Horsewomen. It would be something interesting to see.

As the podcast progressed, Stratus was asked about being one of the first major female stars in the company. A talent who is known for putting on great performances.

Trish notes the process was slow around laying the groundwork around this. She states it took “re-educating” both the backstage personnel and fans to accept women’s matches on a mainstream level.

Trish Reveals An Interesting Memory

Trish reveals an interesting time when Victoria hit her with a chair shot, and some were unhappy about it. Meanwhile, Stratus questioned why anyone would be upset.

After all, the “guys” took chair shots all the time. She wanted it and was okay with Victoria doing it.

Trish gives kudos to other female wrestlers who helped lay the groundwork for the women’s division today. She notes Victoria, along with Jazz, Mickie James, and Molly Holly as females who were a part of this journey.

Will Trish Stratus be a part of WM 39? It’s hard to say at this point, but many of her fans would love to see her return to the ring, if only for one night.

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