ddp one final match
source: @realddp, twitter, screenshot

On the heels of Ric Flair’s spectacle, DDP was offered his own one final match event. Plus, Triple H is making other people in WWE happy.

DDP Offered One Final Match

After the recent event for Ric Flair, DDP was offered his own one and final match.

That admission comes directly from the Master of the Diamond Cutter himself.

DDP, on his podcast, revealed that Conrad Thomson presented him a similar event pitch.

Specifically, he was offered one final match, with the whole event built around that premise.

While people tuned in to see the train wreck that was Flair’s supposed final match, DDP has zero interest. 

Never mind that Flair, after hyping his last match, is already talking about another.

But, according to the WWE Hall of Famer, he has no interest in one final match of his own.

As he said…he has wrestled his last match, and he does not feel he could top it.

ddp one final match

source: @realddp, twitter, screenshot

That said, I do have to say, I think someone like DDP is likely in far better shape than Flair (never mind that he is younger).

I mean, DDP Yoga…enough said.

Still, while some old timers still refuse to go away, and others held on too long, it is encouraging to see others know their limits.

DDP could surely work another match, should he want to. Clearly, a promoter like Conrad Thomson sees the value in it.

But, DDP has closed that book, according to his podcast. Of course, in wrestling, never say never.

Triple H Making People Happy

Speaking of never say never, after his big promotion this summer, Triple H is making more people happy within WWE.

Considering that like a year ago, the idea of Triple H running WWE creative seemed to be a long shot, it is quite the turnaround.

The change has been overwhelmingly positive and well-received. And, there are new reports that Triple H is making people happy outside of the roster and fans.

It’s already been pointed out that Triple H is no longer suffocating talent. Gone is the micromanagement, no more constant day-of-show re-writes.

Another area where Triple H is making people happy? The production team.

Per PWInsider, the mood has changed significantly with Vince McMahon gone from backstage.

The report points out a number of positive changes already put in place by Triple H.

ddp one final match

source: @reigns_era, twitter, screenshot

Taking them all into account, it’s no surprise that people are happier and more eager to be at work.

It has rapidly become a much less toxic workplace.

We’ve seen the announce team benefit, for example, since there is now no one screaming at them in their headsets.

People feel more appreciated and more listened to, and the benefits are so clear.

Triple H and others recognize that they have talented people working for WWE, and it’s important to let them do their jobs.

Delegate, give people freedom to operate, and enjoy the benefits.

While he has only been in control for about a month, it is clear that the new head of creative has been a breath of fresh air.

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