roman reigns working less
source: @romanreignswwe, twitter, screenshot

Following an interesting weekend for him…will Roman Reigns be working less? Plus, Charlotte Flair will be taking time off after WrestleMania Backlash.

Will Roman Reigns Be Working Less

The Tribal Chief is on an historic run, but will Roman Reigns be working less soon?

That may be happening…and it may be the answer to the bigger question that he had people asking this weekend.

Reigns, for now, is still working a lot of house shows.

And, on a house show in Trenton over the weekend, Reigns made some interesting comments that had folks wondering…

Of course, with the initial comment, fans wondered if it meant he would be done wrestling. His desire for some semblance of a Hollywood career is not a secret.

If he has a chance to travel less and potentially make a lot more, who can blame him? And with his comments, folks were thinking the worst.

Now…we’ve got some more information, and we can ask a different question: will Roman Reigns be working less?

roman reigns working less

source: @romanreignswwe, twitter, screenshot

Per the Wrestling Observer…yes.

It seems Reigns has signed a new deal with WWE, and the deal has him working less. 

So when Reigns told the Trenton crowd that he might not be back there…it was more likely than not referring to his reduced schedule.

Reigns is closing in on two years as champion, and is a fixture in WWE. The company clearly will do anything to keep him around and happy.

Having him work less, specifically by reducing his house shows and other appearances, will likely go a long way.

The new phase he mentioned? Likely means he’s approaching that level that Lesnar and Cena and other upper echelon Superstars end up in. 

Work less, make more…and watch as the next crop of talent gets to fill the void.

Charlotte Flair Taking Time Off

Following her loss at WrestleMania Backlash, Charlotte Flair will be taking time off.

After being defeated in the “I quit” match that cost her the SmackDown Women’s Championship, we got a medical update for Flair.

According to Fightful, there is no legitimate injury. Rather, this is all according to the storyline, and Flair will be taking some time off.

It was not said just how much time Flair would miss. However, if they follow the general timeframe of a broken bone, it seems likely to expect a 6 to 8 week absence, at least.

roman reigns working less

source: @mscharlottewwe, twitter, screenshot

The major question now is, with Flair off of television and Ronda Rousey the new champ…who steps up?

And there is no doubt that there is one very big name that fans are hoping to see.

Bayley has been out of action since suffering a freak knee injury. By all accounts, she ought to be ready to return…and this just might be the opportunity.

Of course, having been out for so long, many fans might have been hoping for a return of happy Bayley…which might not happen if WWE keeps Rousey a babyface.

That all depends on if we even see Bayley return soon, but it gives us something to watch for come Friday.

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