bayley wrestlemania shot down
source: @WrestlingOnCB, twitter, screenshot

She has not been seen in a while on TV, but she could have been-some Bayley WrestleMania plans were shot down. And, one NXT Superstar finds himself in a bit of trouble…possibly.

Bayley WrestleMania Plans Shot Down

She has been off of WWE television since injuring herself at the Performance Center...and now we are learning that some Bayley WrestleMania plans were shot down.

Bayley injured her knee in a freakish training accident last year, and has been working to get back.

Reports indicate that she has been able to make a return, or should be close to ready.

When she did not get booked for, or appear during, this past weekend’s WrestleMania, some fans were bummed.

bayley wrestlemania shot down

source: @WrestlingOnCB, twitter, screenshot

But, there was a glimmer of hope. The RAW after WrestleMania has a track record of bringing in surprises, and bringing back Superstars who have been off TV.

However…RAW has come and gone, and still no Bayley. I suppose we can always hope for SmackDown on Friday.

In the meantime, there were several Bayley WrestleMania plans that got shot down.

Per Fightful, those shot down plans go back to WrestleMania 37, which Bayley also missed. Last year’s miss was due to just not being booked.

According to the report, a number of plans were floated and didn’t come to be.

Some plans would have had Bayley make a cameo alongside other notables-like Hulk Hogan.

Another plan would have had a WrestleMania edition of her Ding Dong Hello segment.

As we know, none of those happened. She has now missed two consecutive WrestleManias…and hopefully that streak ends next year.

And, with a bit more luck, fans are hoping to see Bayley back in action soon.

NXT Superstar In Trouble

If the accusations are true, one NXT Superstar is about to be in a lot of trouble.

Over the weekend, Nash Carter became a 2 time NXT Tag Team Champion, alongside Wes Lee.

However, that was not the big news for Carter.

Carter is married to IMPACT star Kimber Lee, who has also appeared in the Mae Young Classic.

bayley wrestlemania shot down

source: @wwenxt, twitter, screenshot

During Stand & Deliver, Lee tweeted some disturbing allegations.

The posts have only gotten more concerning.

However, in the time since, a Twitter account apparently belonging to Wes Lee’s wife, shared some different information:


Based on the posts, it seems the marriage between Lee and Carter is over, or will be soon enough. Lee herself noted that she was now free, for what it’s worth.

Thus far, these remain accusations, though they seem to be quite damning and Lee brought receipts. Still, as the other post shows, there’s much we don’t know…and unfortunately, it’s playing out via social media.

Whatever happened, whatever the cause, we hope all involved are safe now and get whatever help they need.