Brock Lesnar Wee Man
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Brock Lesnar was considered a very intense guy before his 2021 SummerSlam return when he shocked fans, confronted Roman Reigns, and turned face. After that, we all witnessed a lighter version of the Beast. Johnny Knoxville recently reveals a story about Lesnar that involved the Wee Man.

Brock Lesnar Slams Wee Man At A Bar

The run Brock Lesnar had as babyface recently showed a different side to the Beast Incarnate. One that could laugh, get crazy in the ring, and interact with fans, as well as fellow colleagues.

Jackass’s Johnny Knoxville, who had a match of his own at WrestleMania 38, recently recalled a story about the Beast Incarnate on WWE’s Bump. Apparently, ahead of the 2022 Royal Rumble, Lesnar was involved in some insane antics.

As Knoxville puts it, Lesnar slammed Wee Man through a table at a Four Seasons bar. Johnny also notes that no one made an effort to clear plates or glasses off the table beforehand, so Wee Man felt it.

More On Brock Lesnar Slamming Wee Man

The entire stunt gave Johnny Knoxville (and gang) some publicity for the movie Jackass Forever, which was released shortly after the Royal Rumble event. But Knoxville notes he became “the biggest” Brock Lesnar fan after he slammed Wee Man.

He even states that he “went to hug” Brock. Although it sounds like the people around them, including the hotel bar, “lost their minds”.

Who knew Lesnar could hang with the Johnny Knoxville and his Jackass crew? Brock’s definitely loosened up over the years.

Over to some superstars that could certainly hold their own with Knoxville and his friends, the Good Brothers have had an interesting stint on Impact. But are their days with the promotion, numbered?

Good Brothers – Impact Update

Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows debuted on Impact in the summer of 2020 during Slammiversary. With that said, Fightful Select has released a report stating their contracts expire this July 17th.

Brock Lesnar Wee Man

Source: @WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

Could Gallows and Anderson become free agents? There’s no information on whether they’ll re-sign with Impact or move to another promotion.

The Good Brothers have worked dates for other companies, like New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and AEW, under their deal with Impact. They certainly do have good relationships with both promotions.

Plus, NJPW has been working on Visas to bring the stars back to Japan for work. There’s a very good possibility they return there.

Could They Return To The WWE?

The Good Brothers had incredible runs with Ring of Honor (ROH), NJPW, and other companies. WWE signed them in 2016 and they held the RAW tag titles, twice during their tenure.

However, they were unhappy with their creative direction there, at times. Despite this, they re-signed five-year deals with the company.

Still, once COVID-19 hit, and WWE had budget cuts, Anderson and Gallows were released with a slew of other talents in April 2020. Therefore, a WWE return seems unlikely for them.

During their time with Impact, the Good Brothers have held the company’s World Tag Team Championships, twice. Their first run with the titles was 119 days, and the last was at 231.

The twosome also was acknowledged with the 2021 Tag Team of the Year award. So, there’s also a good possibility that The Good Brothers re-sign with Impact.

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