Tony Khan Makes Bold ROH Statement, Paul Heyman – Cody Rhodes

Tony Khan ROH Statement
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AEW boss Tony Khan issued a statement about not wanting to leave tonight’s ROH return early. Also, Paul Heyman gives his reason on Cody Rhodes returning to WWE.

Tony Khan Makes Bold ROH Statement

It is the biggest weekend in pro wrestling as WrestleMania 38 is here. WWE has tons of shows and events already set.

Also, other wrestling companies are looking to capitalize on all the fans who will be in Texas. Therefore, there are several Indy shows running.

Later today, Ring Of Honor (ROH) will make its return. They went on hiatus at the end of December and underwent major changes.

ROH lost major money because of COVID. It got so bad, they released all their talent and planned to restart the promotion. 

Meanwhile, Tony Khan found out ROH was looking to be sold. In the end, Khan purchased the entire company, which includes the video library.

Today’s Supercard of Honor will be the first ROH show under thew rule of Khan. There are lots of questions heading into the show and maybe some will be answered.

While speaking on the Strong Style podcast, Khan noted he heard fans may want to leave early. He warned them that they might miss something special.

“I’ve heard a few people talking like they might leave early to go to another show,” said Khan. “At least that was what people were saying.” 

“Don’t do that! It would be a big mistake to leave before the show is over.” 

“And again, I can’t control what other people scheduled or other events that night. But I really hope people will come.”

Khan is going to be very hands-on with the first show. There are only seven matches confirmed, but more could be added during the event.

AEW names set to wrestle are Swerve Strickland, Matt Sydal, FTR and Mercedes Martinez. FTR will battle The Briscoe Brothers in a match many have been waiting to see.

Paul Heyman – Cody Rhodes

Tony Khan ROH Statement

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By now, we all know Cody Rhodes is returning to WWE. The belief is he will battle Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 38 this weekend.

Rhodes departing shocked many as he was there from day one and an EVP. While speaking on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour podcast this week, Heyman speculated on what led to Rhodes leaving AEW.

“The fact that he didn’t have the level of participation in decision making that he initially probably thought, this is speculation on my end, I never heard this from Cody, but just seeing the manner in which the creative end of that company grew, it doesn’t surprise me that at some point he was going to say, ‘Not what I originally envisioned and I want to see what life is like elsewhere,” said Heyman. 

We might not know for a long time why Rhodes left AEW. There are many questions and hopefully once we get past WrestleMania 38, more news will be released.