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Most fans thought Bron Breakker was a lock-in to win the NXT Championship at Halloween Havoc. Sadly, he lost the match and his opportunity at the title. What does his future hold with the brand, now?

Bron Breakker – NXT Future

On the cusp of Halloween Havoc, the Twitter handle WrestleVotes stated that Tomasso Ciampa’s NXT reign was winding down. They noted that Bron Breakker dominating the brand was on the horizon.

With Breakker losing his match to Ciampa, WrestleVotes had some explaining to do. They produced another tweet explaining their first post and the “turn of events”.

WrestleVotes notes that they didn’t mean Bron would “start winning right away”. They also state that the loss is part of a bigger storyline plan.

Bron Breakker – NXT Future Is Bright

This is to help “rise Breakker” within the NXT brand. Ciampa will eventually lose his title because of Bron’s momentum.

It makes sense. The above sounds like a storyline many fans could sink their teeth into.

Speaking of futures, Ring of Honor’s (ROH) looks a tad bleak. Their business plan is changing, which will affect fans and talent.

ROH On Hiatus & Not Renewing Contracts

Ring of Honor (ROH) is changing its business plan. In fact, they note during an announcement that they are going on a hiatus come the first quarter of 2022.

Bron Breakker NXT Future

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Their final pay-per-view will be in December, The Final Battle. According to reports, they released several talents after the announcement.

They do plan to return in April 2022, for Supercard of Honor. The reason for their hiatus is to re-imagine the promotion.

They want to return with a bigger focus on fans. Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer notes that ROH released all talent from their contracts.

Meanwhile, PW Insider says that several wrestlers were on a company Zoom call. It was at this point they were informed that contracts were expiring at the end of 2021, and would not be renewed.

This means these talents become free agents. ROH wrestlers who have contracts beyond January 2022 will stay under the promotion for a certain period.

The rumor is that they remain with the company until March/April 2022. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Bryan Alvarez states that ROH wrestlers are free to work anywhere, right away, despite ROH contract status. He also notes rumors of Sinclair canceling the ROH show are false.

More On ROH’s Hiatus

The promotion is still set to tape weekly episodes of their ROH TV series in Baltimore, this weekend. In addition, as mentioned, Final Battle will take place on December 11th at the UMBC Event Center in Baltimore.

PW Insider also notes that the Final Battle event is a “final chapter” for ROH. That’s because, after this hiatus, ROH will be quite different.

As per reports, ROH still has a venue for WrestleMania 38 weekend in Dallas for 2022. This is for the “Supercard of Honor” event when they return from hiatus.

After December, ROH’s weekly TV show will still air. The company plans on using mixed archived footage and other forms of content.

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrates notes that several ROH talent weren’t informed of the company’s plans. They found out about the hiatus via friends texting them.

Who knows what the future holds for ROH and its talent. Below are some reactions of the ROH superstar on Twitter.

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