William Regal Denies Rumor
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William Regal denies a rumor floating around about his health. Also, The Briscoes coming to AEW is creating a problem.

William Regal Denies Rumor

At Revolution, William Regal made his AEW debut. Currently, he is playing some sort representative for Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson. 

He was on Dynamite, where he cut a promo that went a bit too long. During the promo, Regal mentioned “not having long left.”

Right away, the comments got fans worried. There were rumors that his health was not great, but noting materialized.

Now, Regal is going after the rumor. Right away, he wanted to deny any reports about his health.

William Regal And His History

There is no denying Regal had a tough road. He batted addiction and ailments before, coming out the victor.

Regal’s time in WWE was initially cut short because of his past problems. Although, he got the help and became an important figure in WWE.

He won a bunch of titles during that time, but working with young talent will always be remembered. On TV, Regal played the general manger of NXT in recent years.

Unfortunately, WWE decided to release Regal earlier in the year. He joins a list, being one of the many let go by WWE over the past two years.

Next week, fans can hear much more from Regal as he is part of a Talk Is Jericho interview with Chris Jericho. It will be released in the coming days.

The Briscoes – AEW Problem

William Regal Denies Rumor

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While AEW is not renewing some contracts, they continue to bolster the roster. Now, talk has shifted to The Briscoes.

Fightful Select reports that WarnerMedia does want The Briscoes on AEW TV. Their problems goes back to homophobic tweets Jay Briscoe made in 2013.

Shortly after making the remarks, Jay apologized at a Ring Of Honor (ROH) show. What makes this even more interesting is how AEW recently purchased ROH.

When it comes to ROH, the story cannot be told without The Briscoes. They are currently in their record 12th reign as ROH Tag Team Champions.

There has been plenty of speculation about the brothers joining AEW. So, at ROH Final Battle, FTR confronted The Briscoes.

Therefore, many thought the match was already set. It was a cool moment for FTR and ROH, but now we need the match.

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