Jeff Hardy Feud Teased
Source: @LAHardyMoxBliss, Twitter, Screenshot

Jeff Hardy just arrived in AEW, but there is a big feud already being teased. Also, Paul Wight will be bringing back his Captain Insano character.

Jeff Hardy Feud Teased

Jeff Hardy is officially part of AEW and in a short time has been busy. Alongside his brother, Matt Hardy, they have battled countless enemies the older brother made.

They will probably get a shot at the tag titles at some point. Although, Jeff is teasing a first-ever match against Malakai Black.

After last week’s Dynamite, Jeff upload a short Instagram clip of himself standing before one of AEW’s production trucks. Then, he gazed into a picture of Black plastered on a truck.


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Soon after, Black posted an Instagram story with a photo of Willow, who is Jeff’s alter-ego.

Both characters are so unique, a match does make sense. Perhaps, we see The House of Black take on The Hardys.

In the meantime, be sure to watch The Waterboy. It is one of Sandler’s best comedies and the film never seems to age.

Paul Wight Bringing Captain Insano To AEW

Jef Hardy Feud Teased

Source: @ThaJuice_, Twitter, Screenshot

The 1990s produced some funny comedies from Adam Sandler. That included the 1998 hit The Waterboy, which saw Paul Wight have a small part.

Wight, who was going by The Giant and part of WCW, portrayed Caption Insano. Basically, he mocked Sandler’s character and that led to anger problems.

About 25 years later and Caption Insano is returning. Although, this time he will be involved in AEW and not a movie.

While on The Rob Brown Show, Wight went into details on the project since AEW now owns the copyright material. 

“Captain Insano will be coming out in the next couple of months, so that’s why I’ve kind of toned down a little on the in-ring performing as well,” said Wight. “We’re kind of let that settle, doing the commentary work.”

“I’m getting a wardrobe together now for the outfits. Max Dunbar, who is an incredible comic book design guy, helped draw the outfit up for Captain Insano.”

“We’re getting that made now. And before you know it, Captain Insano’s going to be running wild in AEW dude.”

“Hopefully the fans will be excited about him.” For me, it’s just a chance to have fun and really apply a different character.” 

“The Captain Insano character is just going to have a lot more energy, a lot more enthusiasm from A to Z. So, definitely when Captain Insano hits the scene, the party is going to be lit, to steal a word from the younger generation.” 

“Like I’ve got a luxurious cape too. So, I’m super excited.”

For those who have never seen The Waterboy, stream it. 

Since signing with AEW after 20 plus years with WWE, Wight has mostly worked the announce table for Dark. He wrestled about three matches, with one being a quick squash on pay per view.