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Paul Wight Done Wrestling
Since he barely competes, fans want to know if Paul Wight is done wrestling. And, famous referee Dave Hebner is having some medical issues.
Jeff Hardy Feud Teased
March 28, 2022
Jeff Hardy just arrived in AEW and there is a huge feud already teased. And, Paul Wight is brining Caption Insano, from The Waterboy, back.
Paul Wight Match AEW
November 5, 2021
Paul Wight feels AEW will produce a match he wanted for many years. And, one talent questioned why the promotion decided to work with Konnan.  
Paul Wight Explains Difference between WWE and AEW Production
September 17, 2021
In a recent interview, Paul Wight explained the difference between production in AEW and WWE. And it seems it is quite obvious!
Kofi Kingston Almost Retired
March 18, 2021
Kofi Kingston almost retired, prior to the New Day. Also, there was talk to include Justin Bieber in a SummerSlam match, but it got nixed.
Big Show claims that leaving WWE for AEW was like a blood transfusion
Former WWE superstar Big Show has compared leaving WWE for AEW as a “blood transfusion”, hinting at his unhappiness.
More Sting Wrestling AEW
February 25, 2021
Sting wrestling for AEW will not be a one time deal & he will very physical. Also, why did the Big Show leave WWE after over two decades?
paul wight joins AEW
February 24, 2021
In what is a massive move, Paul Wight joins AEW. Also, the Big Show was reportedly unhappy with his last WWE event.