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Paul Wight Optimistic High Profile Match Happens, Konnan – AEW

Paul Wight feels AEW will produce a match he wanted for many years. And, one talent questioned why the promotion decided to work with Konnan.  

Paul Wight thinks AEW will finally produce that high profile match with Shaquille O’Neal that he has teased for a long time. Also, some are wondering why Konnan was brought in because of his past negative comments about the company.

Paul Wight Optimistic High Profile Match Happens In AEW

Paul Wight has been looking to wrestle Shaquille O’Neal for years. WWE teased the match several times, but nothing materialized.

When he spoke to Kenny McIntosh, Wight noted how WWE wanted the match for WrestleMania. Since that coincided with basketball, it made things tricky.

Although, Shaq is retired and Wight now calls AEW home. So, that gives Wight more hope in the match finally happening.

“I think this is an opportunity for us to have that spectacle match and have some fun with it,” said Wight. “Honestly, I think it’s closer to happening than it’s ever been.”

Now, Wight is feeling the pressure. After all the hype and with their age, they need to deliver.

Paul Wight On The Possible AEW Match Needing To Deliver 

Remember, Shaq has already wrestled for AEW in a tag team match. He went through a table thanks to Cody Rhodes and AEW received good press. 

“So now the big problem will be all the pressure that everybody wants to see this,” said Wight. “It better be really damn good.” 

“If not, I better burn my boots, move to Tibet, and become a monk or something. I mean, I’ve already shaved my head.” 

“So there’s a little bit of pressure to make that happen. I’m ready for it. I’m sure Shaq is too.”

Konnan – AEW

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Konnan is a talented wrestler who has competed for many promotions across the world. For the most part, he found success everywhere outside of WWE.

He was also known for not being afraid to speak his mind. This caused Konnan to have problems with some companies and wrestlers over the years.

Like many, he has praised and been critical of AEW. So, when he started appearing on AEW TV, some were curious why Tony Khan gave the okay.

Konnan was on Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show, where he discussed his time in AEW. Also, he mentioned a wrestler who was surprised AEW booked him after some of his comments.

“I’ve actually had a star in AEW come up to me and go, ‘I can’t believe they hired you here, you s– on us so much,’” said Konnan. “I go, ‘correct. Let me correct you there, I don’t s–t on you.” 

“What’s good I put over, and what isn’t good I bury, and I do that with Raw too, and SmackDown, not just with you guys.’ Anyway, I love AEW and what they’re doing and I love the people there, much success to Tony Khan, I love that guy, he’s a real cool dude.”

Basically, Konnan has only been featured in program involving Santana and Ortiz. They have history dating back to Impact Wrestling as he was their manager. 

In AEW, Santana and Ortiz have feuded heavily with FTR. Since FTR has Tully Blanchard, they needed someone to counter and in stepped Konnan.

Outside of AEW, Konnan is a member of the Impact Wrestling creative team. He started that position almost three years ago.

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