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She was one of many WWE Superstars released in 2021, but will Nia Jax wrestle again? And, Bryan Danielson is concerned about one particular AEW peer.

Will Nia Jax Wrestle Again

As with most other released WWE Superstars, some fans wonder: will Nia Jax wrestle again?

Several other former Superstars have already landed in AEW. Some, like Ruby Soho, made a ton of sense.

After all, the AEW Women’s Division needed some talent…and WWE just let a lot of women go.

So, will Nia Jax wrestle again?

Based on her own social media posting…it seems like a long shot.

In all honesty, this might not make too many fans upset.

Looking back on Nia Jax’s time with WWE, she had earned a reputation for working unsafe. Fans blamed her for injuring several other Superstars.


source: custom, @LinaFanene twitter screenshot

Perhaps the most well-known instance was ahead of Survivor Series a couple years back, when Nia Jax busted Becky Lynch’s face.

Fans don’t let the former Nia Jax forget her being unsafe.…something that she alluded to in her post.

So it sounds like she might be done wrestling, either for the time being, or perhaps for good.

While haters will always hate…Lina did get some love from some former opponents.

Taking a 30,000 foot view of it, having someone like Nia Jax or Naomi get involved in The Bloodline would make too much sense…but neither has happened. And one cannot, unless a lot of things change.

But, given the very well known issues in the ring, it seems Lina Fanene might just enjoy time as a model, not a wrestler anymore.

Bryan Danielson Concerned About AEW Peer

The American Dragon knows a thing or two about injuries and such, so it’s worth listening when Bryan Danielson says he is concerned about an AEW peer.

That peer would be none other than Darby Allin.

Specifically, Danielson is concerned about his AEW peer’s in-ring style. 

On a recent podcast chat, Danielson named Allin as one of AEW’s younger stars he’d like to work with.

bryan danielson concerned for aew peer

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At the same time, however, he did seem concerned about Allin being perhaps a little reckless.

There is crazy, hard hitting and high flying…and then there is reckless.

Over time, many top stars have toned things down. If you don’t…you end up not having too long of a career.

Danielson lauded Darby Allin for having a good handle on the ring psychology. He just is concerned that he’s being too reckless, and it could end up biting him.

This is where a consummate pro like Danielson proves to be a great get. He knows quite a bit about injuries and can perhaps convey knowledge to Allin.

It surely can’t hurt as the young peer continues to be one of the breakout stars for AEW.