chavo guerrero ribs seth rollins
source: custom, Chavo Guerrero twitter screenshot

Following a scary attack by a fan on RAW, Chavo Guerrero ribs Seth Rollins. And, did Doudrop replace Nia Jax in red brand programming?

Chavo Guerrero Ribs Seth Rollins

A WWE Superstar was attacked by a fan last night on RAW…and now Chavo Guerrero ribs the victim, Seth Rollins.

The story, and the response to it, have gotten coverage all over.

It’s a time honored tradition in almost anything, for the older generation to mock the younger generation for being weak.

How many of us have heard the tale “when I was a child, we walked 12 miles uphill in the snow both ways to school”?

Same idea in professional wrestling. Following the attack on RAW, Chavo Guerrero couldn’t resist.

chavo guerrero ribs seth rollins

source: custom, Chavo Guerrero twitter screenshot

The former WWE Superstar just had to rib Seth Rollins.

Now, maybe Chavo is doing it tongue in cheek. Maybe not.

We may never know…and it may never matter.

It is not all that often that we see such antics from the fans.

With that said, the last example I thought of? The time during the Hall of Fame ceremony where a fan attacked Bret Hart.

In that instance, that also happened in the New York metro area…probably just a coincidence though.

Also in that example, the crazy fan who jumped Hart? He had to be saved by security from a number of Superstars and others.

This latest incident is bizarre and scary all the same. Rollins popped up later in the show, so the Superstar seemed unfazed.

Still, considering what transpired, and the rumors as to what motivated the attack, it’s a scary situation.

Did Doudrop Replace Nia Jax?

In an interesting question, did Doudrop replace Nia Jax?

That’s the suggestion from the Wrestling Observer.

To be clear, this is not a fact, but a theory at this point.

In a recent chat, this possibility was floated, and the thinking at least has a tiny bit of possibility.

Nia Jax was released not all that long ago. According to reports, Jax was taking a mental health break at the time of her release.

Per the Observer, WWE had wanted Nia Jax back by mid-November. That didn’t happen.

did doudrop replace nia jax

source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

So, did Doudrop replace Nia Jax?

Let’s take a closer look at the thinking from the Observer.

Up until recently, Doudrop had been trending as a babyface. She had recently broken free from the since-released Eva Marie.

Now, and rather quickly, Doudrop is now heading in a very heel direction.

It is this rather hasty about-face that has folks thinking that Doudrop has replaced Nia Jax.

Essentially, WWE may have just given her the Nia Jax heel spot.

If so, there’s probably a lot to criticize there…but it also seems par for the course.

It is not the first, nor will it be the last, time we see WWE flip flop a Superstar so quickly.

And, if they really did use Doudrop to replace Nia Jax, it seems somewhat questionable-were they specifically after a particular look?

Instead of identifying a strong or deserving talent, regardless of a specific look.

I think Doudrop is talented, though I wish they’d ditch the name and go back to Piper Niven.

If she can avoid the wrong comparisons to Nia Jax, it may work out fine.

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