Ruby Soho Calls AEW Home After Debut
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Ruby Soho made a strong statement after her debut at All Out, calling AEW home. And it seems AEW fans are just as crazy about Soho as well. 

Ruby Soho Says AEW Feels Like Home

Ruby Riott Calls AEW Home

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Soho recently made her debut for the AEW brand. And it seems that Ruby Soho is thoroughly enjoying her debut on WWE’s rival promotion.

Ruby entered the Women’s Battle Royale on the mysterious “Joker” spot. However, it seems the crowd already knew who was coming before her music hit.

The crowd reaction was certainly a welcome surprise for Soho. She would later recall the moment in an interview with Digital Spy.

“I went into it with expectations of just, I really hope and pray that they like me, or they’re happy to see me or they’re happy that I am The Joker. I went into it really hoping that they would accept me.”

“So it was an amazing surprise, not only to hear ‘Ruby’ but ‘Ruby Soho’, which is a name I hadn’t gone by yet. It just felt like the perfect beginning to this new chapter of my life, like these people know that this is a new start and they know that this is a different version of me and I’m excited to, you know, show who that really is.”

Obviously, the name Ruby Soho came after she was given the song by Rancid guitarist Lars Frederiksen. 

Ruby Reacts To Getting Her Rancid Theme Music


Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Ruby also talked about her music during the interview with Digital Spy. According to the wrestler, the music was exactly what the doctor ordered. 

“I definitely did listen to it with the thought of like, ‘Wow, this is my music. This is the song that I have listened to so many times and I would have never guessed that it was something I could actually use.”

“I listened to it and, I have this thing, I always do this, I pictured in my head how I think it’s going to go, I like to envision that moment. So I did it often with that thought in mind.”

“But then actually coming out to it… the fans’ reaction was leaps and bounds better than I had ever anticipated. Anything I could have pictured was not even close to how amazing the crowd was in Chicago. Everything was just perfect and just better than I could have ever described.”

Riott also continued to praise AEW and its fanbase.

“I think one of the best things about AEW is, and why our fans are so amazing, they see everyone on our roster as the most authentic version of themselves and I think they respond to that.”

“I think that’s why they’re so connected and so rumbustious and so involved is because they can see, this is who this person is and they can relate to that.”

We wish Soho the very best with her AEW career. And we cannot wait to see what she has in store for us. 

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