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The Great Muta Retired
January 22, 2023
The Great Muta retired, but his alter ego has at least one match left. And, Ricky Steamboat would not wrestle Ric Flair due of his health.
Toxic Attraction WWE Future
December 30, 2022
With Mandy Rose fired, what does the WWE future hold for Toxic Attraction? And, Sting already has names set for his retirement match.
wrestlemania battle royals returning
March 5, 2022
With another 2 night show, will the WrestleMania battle royals return this year? And Tony Khan talks about AEW signing a 16 year old.
November 29, 2021
Following her recent release, will the former Nia Jax wrestle again? And, Bryan Danielson is concerned about one AEW peer in particular.
Darby Allin Brain Hemorrhage
November 25, 2021
During a recent interview, Darby Allin reveals he suffered a brain hemorrhage after a match. Plus, we have an update on Terry Funk.
Jim Cornette Furious With Darby Allin/Sting break spot
September 21, 2021
On his podcast, Jim Cornette expressed his fury with the face paint break spot involving AEW’s Darby Allin and Sting.
CM Punk Darby Allin
September 5, 2021
The promo between CM Punk, Sting and Darby Allin on AEW Dynamite was unscripted. And, WWE signed Olympic gold-medalist Gable Steveson.
Darby Allin superfan gets neck tattoo in honor of her favorite AEW wrestler
August 18, 2021
A Darby Allin superfan got a neck tattoo in honor of her favorite AEW wrestler. With it, she has the most extreme wrestling tattoo ever.
Roman Reigns Replacement
Roman Reigns is the head of WWE, but he has a superstar in mind to be his replacement. And, an AEW wrestler is part of the Jackass 4 film.
Tessa Blanchard AEW Update
There is a big AEW update about the future of Tessa Blanchard. And, after taking a nasty fall on Dynamite, Darby Allin claims he is injured.
AEW Dynamite Hits 1 Million Viewers
AEW Dynamite has once again hit 1 million viewers for the second week in a row. By doing so, it is rivalling giants such as WWE.
How Busy Christian Cage
March 8, 2021
Now that he’s signed with AEW, how busy will Christian Cage be in their ring? And we’ve got nice details about Sting’s AEW in ring debut.
Raw Mandy Rose Injured
November 10, 2020
WWE’s Mandy Rose allegedly got injured on Monday Night Raw. In other news, AEW has re-signed one of its most popular wrestlers.
AEW Full Gear Gangrel
November 8, 2020
AEW Full Gear looked like a great show on paper and it might end up being the best pay per view of 2020. So, here’s a recap of the epic show.
aew stars big pushes
October 17, 2020
A couple AEW stars appear due for big pushes in the coming year. Also, Eric Bischoff speaks on Kofi Kingston, including his title win.
Matt Sydal Darby Allin
September 6, 2020
During the Casino Battle Royal, Matt Sydal & Darby Allin took nasty bumps. And, Britt Baker is still injured, despite working AEW’s All Out.
Darby Allin Knocked Silly
July 25, 2020
New reports are saying Darby Allin was knocked silly as opposed to concussied…so stay tuned. Also, WWE nixed a risque segment.
AEW star jumps off balcony to make a point
An AEW star decided to jump off a balcony to protest against his current medical status. Obviously, this has caught a lot of attention.