Darby Allin Brain Hemorrhage
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Darby Allin is riding a nice wave in AEW. He’s faced some incredible talents, including CM Punk. He’s taken his fair share of bumps along the way. He recently states in an interview his worst one was a brain hemorrhage.

Darby Allin Had Brain Hemorrhage

While speaking with Robbie Fox from My Mom’s Basement, Allin talks about the worst “bump” he’s taken in wrestling. It was during a match with Joey Janela.

During the New Orleans bout, he tried to land on Joey after a suicide dive. Sadly, he turned his body and landed on the concrete floor.

Once at the hospital, doctors told him he had internal brain bleeding. It sounds like a very scary time for Allin.

Darby Allin Was Off For 2 Months Due To A Brain Hemorrhage

Darby states during the interview he can’t recall the procedure he went through. However, he was incapacitated for two months.

He couldn’t wrestle or drive, which affected his mental health. Allin relays he felt on “edge” during this time off and sat in his room.

He also notes during the interview that he loved going up against MJF at Full Gear. He states that both he and MJF wanted to “prove” themselves.

Darby Allin has been “All Elite” since 2019. In the short time he’s been with the promotion, he’s made quite the mark.

He’s won the AEW TNT Championship. Plus, he snagged the Dynamite award for “Breakout Star” this year.

Wrestling truly takes a toll on your body and mind. Its instances like Allin’s that remind us all this industry is anything but “fake”.

Over to an update on a wrestling legend. Terry Funk is considered to be one of the toughest superstars of all time.

Sadly, Funk was recently diagnosed with dementia. WNZ has an update on his condition down below.

Terry Funk – Dementia Update

During Pro Wrestling Spotlight, John Arezzi offered an update on Terry Funk. He notes while the Funker is doing better, he’s still dealing with cognitive issues.

Darby Allin Brain Hemorrhage

Source: Pro Wrestling WWE News, Twitter, Screenshot

Arezzi adds that Terry is currently residing in an assisted living facility. John reveals that Funk is getting the care he needs.

This is great news. However, with this condition, Terry has his good days and bad days.

When Arezzi talked to him earlier in 2021, he wasn’t himself. He snapped back at him and seemed to be unaware of who he was talking to.

However, John notes when Mick Foley spoke with him some weeks back. For the sounds of it, Funk was doing better.

Terry Funk’s Career

Funk had a wrestling career that spanned for decades. In fact, he wrestled well into his ‘70s.

Over the span of about five decades, he performed with just about every major wrestling organization throughout the U.S. and Japan. Terry is known worldwide.

He won major championships in many promotions, multiple times over. He’s had some tremendous career highlights.

Some of which include main eventing the first ECW pay-per-view and winning the title. In 2009, the WWE inducted Funk into their Hall of Fame.

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