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Dana Brooke Shoots Back At Critic, Vince Russo Rips WWE Superstar

In unexpected news, Dana Brooke shoots back at a critic. Plus, Vince Russo rips a stunning WWE Superstar, proving he may be out of touch.

In an unexpected turn of events, Dana Brooke shoots back at a critic. Plus, Vince Russo rips a major WWE Superstar.

Dana Brooke Shoots Back At Critic

In a bit of an unusual situation, check out as Dana Brooke shoots back at a critic.

No, not a real shot, thankfully.

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However, RAW announcer Corey Graves made some unpleasant comments about the RAW Superstar.

And, while perhaps not explicitly a shot back at Graves, the comments were not hard to interpret.

Dana Brooke posted the message to her Instagram account, as covered by Daily Wrestling News.

Fans posted clips of Graves’ bizarre commentary as well, in case you missed it.

While any Superstar could be criticized, it’s a bit harsh and unusual to hear the extent of Graves’ comments.

Effectively, he implied that Dana Brooke has had long enough to prove herself within WWE…and has not.

Now, considering it was the Draft edition of RAW, it is possible that Graves might have been saying things to imply RAW should have not selected her.

However, that seems like a bit of a spin. And, if that was the message, either from the back or from Graves himself…it seems like the execution or delivery was terrible.

Regardless of how you feel about Dana Brooke

Vince Russo Rips WWE Superstar

In a surprising statement by the former company writer, Vince Russo rips a WWE Superstar.

And just who it is might shock you.

Vince Russo took aim and ripped Becky Lynch of all people.

vince russo rips wwe superstar
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The claim from Russo? That Becky Lynch is terrible at cutting promos, basically.

The former head writer for WWE, Russo spoke recently with the Legion of RAW.

On the show, Russo said, in no uncertain terms, that Becky Lynch was terrible.

His advice? Have someone do the work with Lynch to fix her promos.

It’s a bit of an odd comment, all things considered.

Becky Lynch, of course, has been one of the top Superstars-male or female-over the past several years.

Proof of that can be seen over the last month. After missing over a year while having her first child, Lynch made a surprise return at SummerSlam.

Fans were extremely excited for her return.

And, that likely frustrates WWE creative folks, because once again, the company wants Becky Lynch to be a heel…and fans are not buying it.

No matter what WWE has Lynch do, fans continue to cheer her. It was this response that drove the emergence of The Man persona for the current SmackDown Women’s Champion.

So, yes, Vince Russo has been around the business for a while. He knows a thing or two, and he was a major factor in the Monday Night Wars.

That is basically ancient history at this point, however. While Russo thinks that Lynch is bad at promos, and in his view always has been…it is not slowing Big Time Becks down at all.

From my view, I think she’s better than most with the mic. I certainly would not have seen it as a glaring weakness.

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