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Following CM Punk’s debut in AEW, many have asked…is AJ Lee going to be All Elite too? Plus, what is next for Randy Orton?

Is AJ Lee Going To Be All Elite?

Now that husband CM Punk has joined AEW, fans are wondering: is AJ Lee going to be All Elite too?

That question has been asked many times since Punk made his debut a few weeks ago. Fans have asked via social media too.

So, while CM Punk was doing an interview with the New York Post, ahead of AEW’s New York City show in September…it was asked again.

Is AJ Lee going to be All Elite?

aj lee all elite

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According to CM Punk…probably not.

And in giving his answers, Mr. AJ Lee didn’t leave a whole lot of wiggle room, to be honest.

He made a few points, laying out the case for why AJ Lee likely won’t make a wrestling return.

For one, she’s in a really good place enjoying her work, writing and being creative.

Another reason? Many may forget her existing neck condition. 

As Punk reminded, she’s had neck issues from years ago. It was those neck issues that largely drove her out of WWE-even if there were other reasons.

Fans might also then be quick to point out that several big stars have returned from career ending head and neck injuries in recent years.

Kurt Angle, Christian and Edge all lost chunks of their careers to neck injuries, and all have returned for more.

Could the same happen for AJ Lee? Perhaps, but if so, it seems unlikely.

One thing to throw out there? AJ Lee, not unlike other stars who aren’t cleared to wrestle, did work on commentary.

As I recall, she was not that bad…so it’s not exactly like Lee couldn’t work for AEW. She just might become All Elite outside of the ring.

What Next For Randy Orton?

One thing that was left unsettled after RAW was a WWE Championship challenger. Which leads me to ask…what’s next for Randy Orton?

Well, according to the Wrestling Observer…it could indeed be that Randy Orton will be in line to next challenge Bobby Lashley for the title.

The end of RAW was a bit of an overlapping mess. At first glance, it seemed a little sloppy.

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There may be a reason for that.

Orton and Riddle ended up out there with former tag champions AJ Styles and Omos watching. All while RK-Bro wrestled Lashley and MVP in the main event.

Now, the chaos seems to have had a purpose.

It is reported that we can expect Orton to next challenge Bobby Lashley, likely at Extreme Rules later in the month.

Considering Orton is not too far behind John Cena for that elusive title record, it’s neat to see the opportunity present itself.

However, it’s also just as likely that Orton is simply a bridge opponent. We’ve already discussed that Lashley is expected to fight Goldberg in Saudi Arabia later in the year…and it’s likely that Bobby would still be champion at that point.

So, what’s next for Randy Orton seems to be at least a title shot. Perhaps The Viper actually does win and hold two belts at once?

Either way, I have to like that Riddle may be getting some of the main event rub, one way or the other.