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There are continued reports of AEW chasing Kurt Angle, including reports from the WWE Hall of Famer himself. Plus, is Asuka actually injured?

AEW Chasing Kurt Angle

With so many former WWE Superstars joining the company, we are hearing that AEW is still chasing Kurt Angle.

In the time since he was released by WWE, it’s been mentioned several times that AEW has reached out to the Olympic champion.

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The topic came up yet again when Kurt Angle was interviews on the Wrestling Inc. Daily show.

Angle reiterated that he has been contacted, several times, by AEW.

So, AEW is still chasing Kurt Angle. Or, at least, they’ve made him several offers.

The WWE Hall of Famer confirmed as much, confirming several offers had been made, with different levels of activity.

With AEW chasing Kurt Angle so much, surely they wanted him in the ring, right?

According to Angle, two of the offers included in-ring work. One he recalled had a lot of matches, with a second offer having roughly three.

Another offer he received would have kept him to an on-air personality.

Every time-thus far-Angle has declined to join AEW.

While some might take it to mean the gold medal winning wrestler is just loyal to WWE, that’s likely not it.

Angle, for his part, had high praise for Tony Khan and how each offer had been presented and discussed.

The Pittsburgh native went on to say that he’s declined each offer because he is primarily focused on his own projects outside of wrestling.

He has a relatively new business he is nurturing, along with his own podcast and other ventures. Angle is keeping plenty busy without AEW, but clearly the opportunity is there if he wants to join.

Plus, as has been reported over the summer, Kurt Angle may not currently be in the best health, relative to being an in-ring performer.  Though, once he’s healed up…who knows.

Is Asuka Actually Injured?

We have not seen her in quite some time, and while we’ve heard no…is Asuka actually injured?

It wasn’t long ago that there were reports out that Asuka was not injured, but was just not being used by WWE.

is asuka actually injured

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However…she may be injured after all.

The concern stems from a social media post by the former women’s champion herself.

The teeth needed to be fixed, thanks to a stiff shot from Shayna Baszler back in March.

Yes, it took this long to get those replaced.

However…that’s not really the story here.

Hard to miss in the photo…that bulky arm brace and cast that the Superstar is sporting.

Now, I am not a dentist…but I’ve spent more than my fair share of time in those offices.

And in all my years of having dental work done…I’ve yet to require an arm brace or a sling for any of it.

So…it would appear that the WWE Superstar actually IS injured, though there’s nothing specific mentioned.

WWE hasn’t mentioned any actual injury, nor has Asuka.

However, thanks to the social media post, we can see that it does look like she’s off television because Asuka is actually injured.

Between the teeth and the arm, we hope that she has a speedy recovery and gets back into the ring soon.

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