cm punk is back
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The worst-kept secret of the summer has been made true-CM Punk joins AEW. With that news, the wrestling world reacts to the return.

CM Punk Joins AEW

In a not so shocking move, CM Punk joins AEW.

The reveal took place during the company’s second episode of Rampage Friday evening.

This was one of the worst-kept secrets in recent wrestling history. It also should end one of the longer-running chants for WWE fans (or maybe not…).

Fans had been pushing for a pro wrestling return for CM Punk for years, basically ever since he abruptly left WWE.

cm punk is back

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In the years since leaving WWE, CM Punk has kept himself busy.

He took a shot at UFC, and the move didn’t go as well as he expected it would.

Punk has also worked in several movies and shows.

His most notable work happened early in the FOX-WWE relationship. The broadcasting giant hired Punk to take part in the short-lived WWE-themed talk show.

At that point, fans figured WWE and Punk were close to a reunion. While some indicated they were open to it, most were quick to point out that the hiring was a FOX decision and that Punk didn’t join WWE.

Once AEW popped up, many expected Punk to consider working for the wrestling newcomer.

Fans pointed out links between Punk and AEW head Tony Khan, among others.

Earlier in 2021, rumors of a Punk impending return grew louder. With AEW bringing Rampage to Chicago, the stars had aligned.

It will potentially drive WWE fans nuts, seeing Punk work for the enemy.

On the other hand, it’s the latest in a string of bold moves by AEW. While Vince McMahon says he does not see them as competition...AEW certainly paints a different picture.

Wrestling World Reacts

While it might have been the most shocking, but not shocking, return in a while…the wrestling world reacts nonetheless.

wrestling world reacts to return cm punk

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Here are just a handful of posts from across social media, showing just how fans and fellow wrestlers feel about Punk’s long-awaited return.

Some fans were even…moved to tears?!

And, if that isn’t a big move…there is this.

Punk is but the latest major domino to fall to AEW. We still await Bryan Danielson…and more…

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