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Impressive CM Punk Numbers, Vince McMahon & Gable Steveson Meet

While not a shock, CM Punk scored some impressive numbers for AEW in his debut. And, Vince McMahon Meets Gable Steveson.

It’s no shock, really, but let’s talk about how the CM Punk return has been measurably impressive. Plus, Vince McMahon meets Gable Steveson at SummerSlam.

Impressive CM Punk Numbers

If you didn’t know about it already, let me tell you: the CM Punk return has been impressive.

For the record, I am not simply speaking about the AEW debut on Friday night.

Sure, that part of the CM Punk return was impressive.

cm punk return impressive
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It was an incredible moment, and a phenomenal crowd response.

Hard to argue that it will be one of the more notable moments in pro wrestling history.

But we aren’t even talking about that.

For this discussion, how has the CM Punk return been impressive?

For starters, CM Punk broke the t-shirt sales record for AEW.

Pro Wrestling Tees, responsible for the AEW merchandise, said that within 24 hours, Punk’s shirt was it’s best selling.

On top of that, per Ringside News, Punk’s AEW return, impressive as it was, has been the top YouTube clip all weekend.

Honestly, this is not a hue shock when you think about it.

For most of a decade, wrestling fans have been chanting for him to return. There was a massive amount of anticipation and excitement built up.

His return on Friday did not disappoint, and fans have been showing that with their wallets and their internet browsing since.

Based off of CM Punk’s remarks, the move was not about money. It seems to be a safe bet that Punk likely would have turned down any blank check from WWE.

Conversely, it seemed as of late that WWE officials who mattered most…may not have been open to the idea of a Punk-WWE reunion.

In the end, it doesn’t matter…because CM Punk is All Elite, his return impressive.

Vince McMahon & Gable Steveson Meet

Speaking of WWE, we can talk about that time when Vince McMahon meets Gable Steveson.

vince mcmahon meets gable steveson
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Because, well, Vince met the 2020 Olympic Champion on Saturday at SummerSlam.

Not really a surprise here either. Gable Steveson was one of two Olympic Gold Medal winners hosted by WWE.

Both Steveson and Tamyka Mensah-Stock would make excellent additions to the WWE roster.

Conveniently enough, both Olympians seem to fit the reported new profile for NXT Superstars.

Young and inexperienced. Sometimes unknown, but those two don’t necessarily fit that one.

We know that Vince McMahon met with Gable Steveson at SummerSlam, thanks to this post:

You could say that Gable Steveson is arguably the hottest free agent right now.

He is a talented physical specimen. There is interest in him from UFC as well as the NFL.

Plus, WWE…and I’d bet Tony Khan is at least watching things.

The links between WWE, Vince McMahon and Gable Steveson have been there for a while, however.

Steveson has won many matches for the University of Minnesota…which also happens to be the alma mater of one Brock Lesnar.

And those two have been friendly for a while. Whether that gives WWE the inside shot at Steveson remains to be seen, however.

Personally, I have to think that WWE has had significant contract talks with one or both Olympians at this point.

Knowing both have interest in working for WWE, it would look really bad if they got a SummerSlam moment and then went to work for AEW.

For the time being, however, all we know is that Vince McMahon met with Gable Steveson.

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