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RAW In A Nutshell: The SummerSlam Party Is Over, Now What?

It's RAW In A Nutshell time, and this time around our theme is simple: the SummerSlam party is over, so now what? Who's next, if you will...

After a wild weekend, it’s time for RAW In A Nutshell, and our theme is simple. The SummerSlam party is over, now what?

See, I told you…simple.

This entire RAW In A Nutshell should be fairly predictable, right?

I mean, the SummerSlam party is over…so now what? Well, it’s going to be all about building things toward Extreme Rules.

Because, you know…that is the next WWE PPV. Makes sense, right?

Of course it does! And not hard to figure out either.

With Goldberg out of the way for now, who goes after Bobby Lashley next?

And what about new RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte? Who steps up to try to take her on?

Granted, wrestling fans may be more intrigued by what happens on WWE’s other show…or perhaps even on a different promotion.

But for now, we are focused on RAW In A Nutshell. Sure, the SummerSlam party is over…but there’s plenty to be excited about.

So, let’s get into it, shall we? It is time for…

RAW In A Nutshell: The SummerSlam Party Is Over, Now What?

Let’s crack open this Nutshell and find out what’s next!

Best Match of the night:

The main event wasn’t bad…but it also didn’t “do” much.

For me, the opening segment was where it was at.

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We have a number of contenders and stories to run with.

Worst match of the night:

Jinder versus Mansoor was just filler.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Why Miz why?

Personal commentary here, but if indeed that was chanted and not piped in…it’s semi-surprising to me.

Star of the Night

Could go a few different directions, which tells me but one thing…there wasn’t one star that did better than anyone else tonight.

Spot of the Night:

How about Miz with the Skull-Crushing Finale on Morrison.

summerslam party is over
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Not so much the move-we’ve seen plenty of those.

But that it happened…and that we saw Miz and Morrison split tonight.

party is over
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Jobber of the Night:

Not really a jobber feel tonight for anyone. Maybe Baszler and Jax, if you really wanted one.

Upset of the Night:

I suppose we could make a case for Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H beating Baszler and Jax.

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Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

That would be the breaking up of Miz and Morrison.

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But I also have to say…is it me, or was WWE trolling the heck out of AEW with their Reggie segment?

raw in a nutshell
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Seemed like a not-too-subtle dig at Friday’s big giveaway. Or maybe, sometimes, an ice cream truck is just an ice cream truck?

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Botch of the night:

It was bound to happen, but it happened early.

Someone (MVP) goofed and forgot that this time around, the entire show happened on Saturday.

He said Sunday.

Honest mistake, but a botch nonetheless.

LOL Moment of the night:

AJ Styles, when setting up tonight’s main event.

To Riddle “what, Randy didn’t even bring you a plant? That seems appropriate for you”.

Noteworthy Moment:

A few of them.

One I hit earlier: Miz and Morrison are no more.

But that was a segment almost as loaded as the opening one.

Logan Paul comes out, and ended up getting in Miz’s face. Could we see Logan Paul and Miz eventually?

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Seems likely.

And then, of course, the Miz-Morrison break-up.

We have a new challenger for Charlotte Flair, or at least, it seems like one.

raw in a nutshell
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Alexa Bliss, welcome back to the title picture!

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The men’s side, that’s a bit out of focus still.

Damian Priest, your new United States Champion, took issue with Bobby Lashley.

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Drew McIntyre? He’s still lingering too.

But even Lashley’s brief tag partner, Sheamus, wants a piece of the champ. Sheamus gets a shot next week.

summerslam party
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Overall lowlights:

My one complaint? The show lacked a truly big moment.

Like, not thinking about a Rampage moment. Not at all.

But thinking about it like this…the blue brand had two massive surprises on SummerSlam.

Both of those returns will either come up, or be directly involved on Friday.

RAW? Not so much.

Nothing was hinted or teased…but it would have been nice.

Also, it’s not uncommon to hear issues with roster depth, or more specifically, utilization.

Nikki A.S.H was a weird choice to win the briefcase, and she had a really short reign.

Meanwhile, you have two championship-capable talents in Baszler and Nia Jax…and all they do is sporadically tag and consistently bicker.

Like…wasting away…

Speaking of wasting…maybe Piper Niven embraces Doudrop and crushes Eva Marie…that’s next week.

party is over
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Overall highlights:

The opening segment and match were strong. Didn’t set up an immediate next challenger for Lashley…but gives WWE three viable options.

Love that Priest is getting pushed up to the upper echelon of the roster. There’s something about him that is intriguing, even if the sniff of a world title seems a bit premature.

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Happy to see Alexa Bliss likely challenging for the women’s title again…even if I want to see her ditch Lily.

Maybe it’s me…but Miz seemed to have made some sort of major heel turn this week. Unless it was mostly pumped in, I was surprised by the amount of heat he seemed to get.

Also…color me intrigued with where WWE might be taking Elias. Like, the repeated visuals of a headstone are one thing…but now the eerily similar, albeit in white, hat?

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Probably just a coincidence…but still curious.

One other thing? Karrion Kross looks to be over the losing.

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Came out with a sinister mask-minus the title belt he lost…and crushed Ricochet.

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After the final bell:

Here’s something I actually have to be marginally impressed with. The party is over…for SummerSlam…however…

So often, it feels like stuff happens early in the show, and it sets up the main event.

This time, stuff happened-early and throughout the show-and it set up…next week!

Not just one match, but several. Even some longer term possibilities too.

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We have Sheamus taking on Lashley. We also have Priest and McIntyre eying the prize.

Doudrop and Eva Marie. Miz and Morrison.

Good stuff. Some actual planning…even if maybe we shouldn’t give away the payoff matches until Extreme Rules.

All in all…not a bad RAW In A Nutshell. The SummerSlam party is indeed over…but we have quite a few possibilities for what’s next.

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