AEW Once Again Delivers Long-Term Storyline, Adding To AEW Success

AEW has delivered another long-term storyline which is once again adding to the success song of this relatively new promotion.

Once again, AEW managed to bring out an amazing long-term storyline. And it even includes two of the best wrestlers on their roster.

The feud between Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page is highly anticipated. Of course, it also adds to the overall success song of All Elite Wrestling.

Why Kenny Omega Versus Hangman Adam Page Happened

Hangman Adam Page
Source: Screenshot. YouTube

This feud this not come to fruition overnight. No, AEW and its wrestlers carefully constructed this rivalry over the better part of year (if not more).

Hangman used to be a part of The Elite. Of course, this was way back when all members of The Elite were considered faces.

Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page were widely successful as the tag team champions. But things started to go wrong when the titles were lost.

Omega pretty much lost the plot and went full heel. Some weeks after, The Young Bucks followed suit.

Naturally, this all coincided with the unravelling of Hangman Adam Page. The wrestler lost confidence, but also all his friends.

Eventually, Adam Page ended up being taken in by The Dark Order. Since then, he has been a firm fan favorite to take on Kenny Omega and end his proverbial reign of terror. 

Omega is quick to dismiss Hangman Adam Page as a serious threat. However, he could be the most dangerous threat Omega has faced.

The repercussions of losing the title to Page could be dire for Omega as well. After all, the wrestler made a name for himself as the Belt Collector, collecting titles across several promotions. 

The best thing of all? I do not believe this title match is the last of the feud between these two men.

Tensions between different members of The Elite have occurred for many months. This even included tensions between Omega and The Young Bucks.

There are an endless number of stories to tell within The Elite alone. Needless to say, the wrestlers involved have done an outstanding job.

Where AEW Stands Out

AEW Long-Term Storyline
Source: Screenshot, YouTube

One of the main gripes I had with pro wrestling some years back was a lack of long-term storytelling. Long gone were the lengthy feuds between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon.

And it is exactly there that AEW has started to thrive. More than anyone else, AEW identified a need for the long-term storyline. 

Omega, The Bucks, The Good Brothers and Page have been some of the wrestlers involved in long-term storylines in AEW. However, they have been far from the only ones. 

In addition to them, there is also MJF and Chris Jericho, who have been battling one another for the better part of a year as well. And even now, I still feel like I could stick with their feud for months to come.

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at the number of fans that have flocked to AEW.

All Elite has become a serious competitor and is no longer the WWE’s alternative. And to be honest, I could not be happier about it. 

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