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AEW Another TV Show
August 21, 2022
It looks like AEW will be getting another TV show to help wither their loaded roster. And, a top star should be returning very soon.
5 Original AEW wrestlers who became major stars
October 7, 2021
Some original AEW wrestlers have now turned into massive stars. But which of these wrestlers got our top 5?
The Most Protected AEW Wrestler
September 29, 2021
Today, we look at the most protected AEW wrestlers on the current roster. Who made the list and who did not this year?
AEW Long-Term Storyline
August 13, 2021
AEW has delivered another long-term storyline which is once again adding to the success song of this relatively new promotion.
AEW wrestler Anthony Ogogo is facing his tenth eye surgery. Unfortunately, this means his push in the promotion is being put on hold.
AEW Dynamite Viewership Boost
AEW Dynamite got a serious viewership boost by moving its show back to its regular day. But what does this mean for the promotion?
AEW Tony Khan Video Game Division Investment
AEW’s boss Tony Khan recently responded to the criticism from Forbes regarding their investment in a video games division.
Mark Henry Gave Advice To AEW Wrestlers
WWE legend Mark Henry has already given some valuable advice to the AEW wrestlers under his tutelage. But what was this advice?
Aew star Joey janella shows off gym body
AEW wrestler Joey Janela showed off his gym body in a recent Twitter post, showing that his hard work in the gym has really paid off.
AEW Dynamite Match Line-Up
The early match line-up for AEW Dynamite next week is promising some stellar matches featuring the company’s biggest talent.
AEW holds triple main event for Dark Elevation
AEW is planning a spectacular triple main event for Dark Elevation this evening. But which matches made the cut for this special Monday?
AEW Women's Eliminator Tournament Down To The Final Three
The AEW Women’s Eliminator Tournament is down to the final three. And in our opinion, the lineup is absolutely amazing so far!
AEW Kenny Omega talks about featuring women
February 24, 2021
AEW star Kenny Omega has made featuring women his new primary concern. It comes after criticism from many wrestling fans.
AEW eliminating its ranking system
February 9, 2021
AEW may be eliminating its ranking system, which puts wrestlers in line for title opportunities. But is this a good idea?
MJF is the pain in the ass of wrestling
September 1, 2020
MJF is undoubtedly one of the breakout talents of the year. In fact, he is one of the main reasons why many watch AEW.
Big Eric Bischoff Rumor
July 31, 2020
There is speculation that AEW Dynamite could be three hours in the future. Also, there is a big Eric Bischoff rumor floating around.
jinder mahal major push
A recently returned WWE Superstar is injured yet again. Also, AEW may be taking a page out of WWE’s TV handbook, with a new show coming out soon.