Triple H Blamed NXT
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When WWE lost the Wednesday Night War, Triple H was apparently blamed. Also, Ric Flair seems like a lock for AEW.

Triple H Blamed For NXT Loss

When AEW Dynamite was announced, WWE decided to make things interesting. They decided to have NXT run on the same night and time in what became the Wednesday Night War.

Well, we all know how that went. AEW won most weeks in ratings and the key demographic.

Ultimately, the NXT brand was battling too much against AEW’s entire roster. Then, about 18 months into the ratings war, NXT seemingly caved.

They switched their show to Tuesday nights and now both companies face no competition. But, that will not last as AEW has other TV shows ready to come out.

Now, when it comes to pointing the blame, it seems like Triple H will be the fall guy. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how WWE thought they would easily win.

Also, the report stated that critics of Triple H will use this as ammunition. Basically, when looking for Vince McMahon’s eventual replacement, Triple H already has a major strike against him.

We noted how a dozen NXT wrestlers were let go last week as SmackDown aired. Apparently, Vince wants to rebrand NXT into a developmental territory like OVW and FCW.

NXT is basically Triple H’s wrestling baby. He has helped build the yellow and black brand to feature some of the top stars today.

At the same time, many wrestlers do well in NXT, but not on the main roster. Vince has final say about the main roster, so many big names in NXT get lost in the mix.

Ric Flair Likely AEW Bound

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Undoubtedly, Ric Flair is one of the greatest pro wrestlers to ever enter the ring. Some, would even say he is the best to ever lace up a pair of boots.

Sadly, like many others, Flair has never been able to leave the spotlight. At 72 years old, Flair recently stated he will wrestle again.

This month, Flair was one of the latest additions to join the large list of WWE employees released. Although, Flair leaving was something he wanted and not a total surprise.

Some speculate Flair knows WWE will never let him wrestler again. And, he also feels the company should have better booking plans for his daughter, Charlotte Flair.

Flair has not wrestled in over a decade and last competed for Impact Wrestling.

He vowed retirement in 2012 after Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack during RAW. Yet, that does not seem to be the case.

For a longtime, Flair was considered the best in pro wrestling. Then during the mid 1990s in WCW, fans started to think he was overstaying his welcome.

That opinion only increased as time went on. There is no doubt a case can be made that Flair is the greatest.

Although, he needs to finally call it a career and not tarnish anymore of his legacy. Even if Flair cannot wrestle or get physical, WWE could still find plenty of roles for him.

The problem seems to stem from Flair being adamant that he will never retire.

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