Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals If He Wants Another Match

Many fans have been asking if Stone Cold Steve Austin would consider another match in the WWE. Unfortunately, it seems that the wrestler has little interest in getting into the ring again.

“I Don’t Want To Do Nothing Else”

Steve Austin

When asked if he would consider another match, Stone Cold Steve Austin replied he did everything he wanted to do in the ring. He also supported the statement that he is retired permanently. 

“I don’t want to do nothing else in the ring. I’m done. I’ve retired. Everybody knows that. I don’t need to go out there and drop anybody on a stack of dimes and give them stunners. Once in a year, once every two years, whatever.”

Despite his lack of interest, fans keep asking for one more dream match. Of course, you can’t blame them, considering his popularity over the years.

Stone Cold Steve Austin has stated that he could still wrestle in theory. This mainly referred to his physical health and overall fitness. 

In the past, he also revealed some of the stars he wished he could have faced in his prime. Some of the names included John Cena and Hulk Hogan.

It also seems that Stone Cold Steve Austin could have a willing opponent in the form of Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster has said he’d like another match. Maybe he’d get in the ring with Stone Cold at WrestleMania.

Stone Cold’s Two Favorite Wrestlers

Stone Cold Two Favorite Wrestlers

Stone Cold also talked about his two favorite wrestlers on the current roster. To cover all his bases, he made sure he picked a male as well as a female wrestler.

As his favorite female superstar, Stone Cold mentioned Bayley. In fact, Stone Cold stated he has been thoroughly enjoying Bayley’s heel work.

“There are layers to her work. From a female standpoint, Charlotte Flair came back recently and Becky Lynch left because she was having a baby, but right now, I really like Bayley’s heel work.”

In addition to Bayley, Stone Cold also spoke about his favorite male superstar. Interestingly, he also picked my personal favorite in the WWE in the form of Drew McIntyre

“To meet him in person and get a feel for his physicality and mentality and way he thinks about the business, I’m very impressed with Drew.”

Stone Cold admitted that he saw Drew as a mid-card guy for some time. With it, he recalled a conversation he had with Mick Foley.

Mick has an eye for talent, because he told Stone Cold that Drew was going to be the guy. A little while later, Drew made his prophecy a reality.

And it seems that the large majority of fans would agree with Mick Foley when it comes to Drew McIntyre. After all, the wrestler managed to keep Raw going during a pandemic without an audience.

It is not easy to be a champion with a dominant reign. But somehow, Drew McIntyre managed to pull it off and keep fans interested during one of the most difficult periods in the 2000s.

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