AEW Star Injured Dynamite
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As per this week’s Dynamite, Women’s Champion Britt Baker and Rebel battled Vicki Guerrero and Nyla Rose. Sadly, an AEW Star got injured during the match. 

AEW Star Injured At Dynamite

AEW talent Rebel walked off with Dr. Samson and officials after the match. Some fans worried that she was injured during the bout.

According to Wrestling Observer, Rebel ended up dislocating her kneecap. This occurred during the bout, but somehow she was able to get back up. 

When did the injury happen? Apparently, when she tried to break up the pin. 

The good news is that she did get back on her feet. Here’s hoping her injury isn’t overly serious.

Will This Star Be Back On AEW Dynamite Soon, Despite Being Injured?

It’s hard to tell how long Rebel will be out. WNZ will keep you posted on this developing story.

Rebel’s been wrestling since 2013. She even appeared on NXT in January 2019.

Rebel became All Elite shortly after that WWE appearance. She made her official debut on AEW Dynamite in April 2020.

Speaking of AEW, The Dark Order hinted strongly this week that Adam “Hangman” Page could be a #1 contender against Kenny Omega’s championship. What are the plans for these two?

Adam Page – World Title Plans

While The Dark Order did not name him, the crowd knew exactly who they were talking about. AEW featured the stable during Dynamite.

AEW Star Injured Dynamite

Source: Daily DDT, Twitter, Screenshot

As time wore on, Page acted as if he didn’t like the move they made. However, Dark Order made it clear that it’s Hangman’s time.

It’s important to note, the promotion’s next major pay-per-view (PPV) isn’t until September. Most fans are expecting a huge main event at All Out.

Seems like there could be. Will we see a Hangman versus Omega match on the card?

Wrestling Observer Chimes In

Dave Meltzer talked about this during a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. He noted that AEW’s plan is a slow build on this program.

Adam Page will eventually become Kenny Omega’s number one contender. It will take some time though.

AEW has all summer to build this match-up. The wheels have currently be placed in motion.

As Meltzer noted, the key is to “peak” the feud in September. He added that they want to “build” the storyline so it has layers.

Will anyone else challenge Kenny Omega for his World Championship in the meantime? It’s hard to say.

The good news is that it seems as if All Out will be a stacked PPV come September. There may even be plenty of surprises as the weeks go by.

There’s a good chance AEW fans will see Page get his championship match. At the end of the day, it’s Tony Khan’s decision.

Hangman has been wrestling since 2008. He’s worked the independent circuit, as well as Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

He joined AEW in 2019. Since his time with the company, he’s scored the AEW Tag Team titles (with Omega), and won the 2019 Men’s Casino Battle Royal.

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