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Will SummerSlam Be Packed, Vince McMahon Aware Of WWE Issues

With WWE back to touring, will SummerSlam be packed? Plus, it is said that Vince McMahon is actually aware of the company's issues.

As restrictions ease and WWE hits the road, will SummerSlam be packed in August? Plus, we are hearing that Vince McMahon is aware of WWE issues.

Will SummerSlam Be Packed

It has been a long time since WWE had a full house for a major PPV…so will SummerSlam be packed in August?

For a normal year, that would be such a bizarre question. However, we know that things have not been normal.

WWE did get live fans back for this year’s WrestleMania, as Florida began to ease crowd restrictions.

However, Raymond James Stadium was not sold out-it was not allowed to be, to adhere to social distancing regulations at the time.

Turn the page to the summer of 2021…and all of those restrictions are (presently) gone.

will summerslam be packed
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WWE recently announced that SummerSlam would be happening on a Saturday for the first time…and it will be live in Las Vegas.

The company is bringing SummerSlam to the new home of the Las Vegas Raiders, making it the biggest SummerSlam venue since WWE held the event in the original Wembley Stadium.

So…will SummerSlam be packed?

It looks like it will be. We already know that there are no capacity restrictions impacting the event…so how are ticket sales?

According to the Wrestling Observer, there are but a few thousand tickets remaining. The company has to be pretty happy with that, considering the event is not until August, and no matches are set yet.

Per the report, the event has a projected capacity of just around 41,000. At the time of the report, there were approximately 4,000 remaining unsold.

With rumblings of some major returns and big matches, it would seem likely that SummerSlam would be packed.

Vince McMahon Aware Of WWE Issues

You and I know that WWE has issues with it’s shows…and apparently, Vince McMahon is aware of those WWE issues too.

That’s what Wrestling News is reporting, and it’s a bit…encouraging?

WWE’s creative process is a bit of a convoluted mess. Any idea coming from creative has to be approved by Vince…and we’ve heard countless times that a show has been re-written with hours to spare.

Now, the report indicates that Vince McMahon is aware of WWE issues, recognizing that the product has become a bit stale.

vince mcmahon wwe issues
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However, it seems the message within the creative room is to be patient.

Meaning, there are said to be good ideas being held for the return to live crowds.

As we know, or at least, as we expect, WWE will be getting some Superstars back around then as well.

Edge is poised for a return. Becky Lynch is also expected back at any time.

Other Superstars, like Sasha Banks, have been off television for a while.

And then there are those part-timers lingering, like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and even The Rock.

The takeaway here is that Vince McMahon is aware of WWE issues. And, that there are apparently some good plans lined up for the next few months.

Help may be on the way.

WWE has some returning Superstars to look forward to. Plus, it sounds like programs have been saved for such a return.

Now, how sure are we that Vince McMahon’s “good ideas” are actually good ideas? That remains to be seen.

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