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WrestleMania Getting Big Makeover?, AEW Signs More Full Time Deals

WrestleMania could be getting a big makeover. Plus, AEW signs more stars to full time deals as they continue to expand the roster.

With WWE changing things up all over, is there a WrestleMania makeover coming? Plus, AEW signs more full time deals, bringing three stars under contract.

WrestleMania Getting Big Makeover?

The last couple years have been unusual, with WWE running their biggest show over two nights. Now, is more WrestleMania coming in the future?

Specifically, will we see WrestleMania 38 be a two night affair?

There are a few ways to spin this before we get to the heart of the matter.

Before the pandemic, our last “normal” WrestleMania was I believe the longest WrestleMania ever (or at least, the longest I ever endured).

That show ended in the early hours of Monday morning, or at least, it felt like it did.

is more wrestlemania coming
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When you account for all the pre-show festivities and the Kickoff, WrestleMania Sunday is and can be a very long day. Not unlike, say, the Super Bowl.

Add in what else we used to have (WWE Hall of Fame and NXT TakeOver) and the weekend got really long.

Since WrestleMania 35, there’s another complication. On top of the RAW after WrestleMania, we also have the SmackDown before, which now airs on Fridays.

The schedule has changed in the past two years, largely pandemic driven, but that may be the new normal.

The Hall Of Fame induction was mid-week for 2020. TakeOver happened on its own.

And for the second year, WrestleMania was a two night show, with a much better run time.

It also is worth pointing out…WWE likes making money…and by selling tickets to not one, but two nights of ‘Mania has to be a good thing.

So, could we get more WrestleMania? Would WrestleMania 38 next year also be two nights?

According to Fightful, a two night WrestleMania is a real possibility for 2022 and beyond.

The two night format has gone over well with talent and staff, and as mentioned, WWE financial folks aren’t upset by an extra night of their big show.

So, while WWE has announced that WrestleMania 38 will be in Texas next April…they have not yet confirmed a date, or dates.

That is because someone has yet to decide on having it be a two night thing, but we could indeed see more WrestleMania coming.

AEW Signs More Full Time Deals

AEW is growing, and one way they can is by adding talent. That is one reason why AEW signs more full time deals recently.

Specifically, the company inked three stars to full time deals. Previously, all three were on shorter terms, but the company moved to lock them up.

That news was shared by PWInsider.

Those three stars?

The tag team of Bear Country, along with Mark Sterling.

aew signs more stars
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No, these are not (currently) massive names to be stunned about. However, Tony Khan is doing everything he can to grow and expand AEW.

While the flagship show, Dynamite, will be moving to a new channel in 2022, the company is also adding a new show.

One thing you need when you add more shows? More talent to help fill the content out.

In 2021, perhaps none of these three stars moves the needle. However, give it time and any of the signings-or, perhaps, all of them-could be seen as shrewd moves by AEW.

Clearly the company liked what they saw out of them, which is why AEW signed them all to full time deals.

As the company is looking to grow, having AEW sign more stars makes good business sense.

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