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Maria Kanellis Flashed Legendary Team, Becky Lynch Is Ripped (Photo)

Maria Kanellis is a wrestling fan and went a little too far one day when she flashed a legendary team. And, Becky Lynch is in great shape.

Maria Kanellis left a memorable impression with one tag team, as she flashed them before her days of being a WWE employee. Also, Becky Lynch looks to be in phenomenal shape as her return nears.

Maria Kanellis Flashed Legendary Team

In pro wrestling, you get a mix of talent. Some have great knowledge on how the business works and others are beyond green. 

There does not seem to be one pattern that makes the perfect wrestler. While skills matter, it also helps if you know the right person and have the appearance to match.

Former WWE superstar Maria Kanellis was a fan growing up. Along with her siblings, they would wrestle and attend shows.

During one particular show, Kanellis got a bit overzealous. With encouragement from her then boyfriend, she decided to flash The Hardy Boys.

While visiting the Wrassingh Show, Kanellis went over her thought process during the flashing. Basically, she was an overzealous young adult who let the excitement get the better of her.

“I went to a show when I was like 19 years old and there was a big window where the Hardy’s were and they were doing a signing,” said Kanellis. “So my boyfriend at the time, put me up on his shoulders and I flashed the Hardy Boys because I was just so excited to be there!”

She did not confirm if she was removed from the building for her actions. Back then, during the Attitude Era, fans were able to push the envelop more than nowadays.

And, for those wondering, there are no pictures or videos out there. So, save yourself some time.

It also seems pointless in searching since Kanellis has posed for Playboy. Therefore, pictures are not too difficult to find.

How Maria Kanellis Became A WWE Wrestler 

Kanellis got her break in WWE after failing to win the Divas Search. She was still signed and had two stints with WWE.

After about five years, she was released by WWE and joined Ring of Honor (ROH). There, she would meet her future husband and fellow wrestler Mike Bennett.

They wold then spend a short time in New Japan Pro Wrestling and a year in Impact Wrestling. Then, in 2017, she and Mike signed with WWE.

Not long after retuning to TV, Kanellis got pregnant and Mike was struggling with addiction. Therefore, neither made much of a dent.

They re-signed with WWE, but were released in 2020 as part of COVID budget cuts. Both have since retuned to ROH and had nothing positive to say about WWE.

Becky Lynch Is Ripped (Photo)

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Over a year ago, Becky Lynch shared wonderful news on a live edition of RAW. She needed to vacate the RAW Women’s Championship because she was having a baby.

Since then, she has given birth to a baby girl named Roux in December. A big question now remains when “The Man” will return to claim what she never lost.

There were lots of rumors something would happen at WrestleMania 37. Lynch even teased a surprise too, but nothing happened.

Currently, there is no timeframe for when Lynch will return inside a WWE ring. Although, she looks to be in phenomenal shape as she can be seen in an Instagram post on Dead Boys Fitness’ page.


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She did re-sign with the company last year, so Lynch is not going anywhere. Whenever she returns, expect fans to go nuts.

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