possible eva marie pairing
source: custom, Mercedes Martinez/NXT Twitter Screenshot

Like it or not, she’s back, and we have a possible Eva Marie pairing revealed for when she does return to television. Plus, there’s some news on when the WWE 2021 draft will be later this year!

Possible Eva Marie Pairing Revealed

She may be the Superstar that no one wanted, but she’s back. Now, a possible Eva Marie pairing has been revealed.

Given her prior run in WWE, it does make some sense to try and bring Eva Marie up, pairing her with someone else. 

When you hear “Eva Marie pairing”, your first thought might be to align her with a more established Superstar, so she could get a bit of a rub there.

The plans for a possible Eva Marie pairing, however, are not that at all.

Eva Marie’s vignettes may have initially seemed to hint that she could be more a valet or manager when she shows up. Her more recent ones, however, showed her training in the ring as well.

So, if she’s returning to the ring, she possibly won’t be alone. According to WrestleVotes, there have been two names kicked around to pair her with.

possible eva marie pairing

source: custom, Mercedes Martinez/NXT Twitter Screenshot

Each name is from one of the NXT shows.

Those Superstars? Mercedes Martinez and Piper Niven.

Either move could be interesting. It’s not a bad way to bring either other Superstar to RAW, for starters. While they’d be new to the wider WWE audience, neither Superstar is really all that green.

The pairing could be similar to how Raquel Gonzalez serves as the muscle to Dakota Kai’s other skills.

Now, if WWE really wanted to be creative…pair both Superstars with Eva and let them have an all female stable to run all over the RAW Women’s Division…

When WWE 2021 Draft Will Be

We know it happens every year…so let’s see when the WWE 2021 draft will be.

According to WWE…no dates have been announced thus far.

wwe 2021 draft

source: custom, WWE PR Twitter Screenshot

However, according to the Mat Men podcast, there are two dates penciled in for now.

The two night format follows prior draft formats-covering RAW and SmackDown.

Honestly, considering WWE had their Network, now on Peacock, I am somewhat surprised that they have never approached it as an actual draft, independent of their normal schedule.

Meaning, why not have the draft on a Saturday or Sunday (or really, any day except for when RAW/NXT/SmackDown air). 

This way, some of the draft seems slightly less contrived.

It goes without saying, but those dates are not etched in stone, nor have they been announced by WWE yet.

Perhaps the one small surprise would be that they would not happen immediately after SummerSlam.

While we do not see every single feud conclude during one of the big PPV, it could be positioned as a logical end of the prior “season”, with the first night of the draft kicking off a new one.

As with all prior drafts, it will be interesting to see what roster shakeup actually happens.