Huge WWE Superstars Who Are Now Completely Unrecognizable

Today, we take a look at some big WWE superstars who are now completely unrecognizable. But what happened to them?

Over the years, there have been numerous WWE superstars who look completely unrecognizable today. Here are the top five on our list.

1. Charlie Haas

Charlie Haas
Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Charlie Haas is the first one our list of WWE superstars who now look completely unrecognizable. In Charlie’s case, it’s due to extreme weight loss.

Haas signed with the WWE back in 2000. He eventually joined Shelton Benjamin to become “The World’s Greatest Tag Team.” 

Unfortunately, Haas was released from the WWE after two stints. Interestingly, he was released at the same time his wife was in 2005.

The WWE eventually rehired Haas in 2005. He continued in the tag team division, but eventually took “The World’s Greatest Tag Team” to Ring of Honor in 2010.

Charlie Haas officially retired from pro wrestling three years later. Despite his retirement, he never truly left the independent wrestling circuit. 

In 2020, Haas and his wife Jackie Gayda announced their divorce. 

However, most fans were shocked when they finally laid eyes on Haas. The wrestler had lost a dramatic amount of weight.

In a recent appearance, Haas looked completely different from his WWE persona. However, the wrestler had an explanation for this dramatic change.

According to Haas, he needed to improve his cardiovascular health. Naturally, this involved losing some of the extra weight he put on for his pro wrestling career.

Nevertheless, Haas made it very clear he was more than happy with his new appearance. 

2. Sable

WWE Superstars Completely Unrecognizable
Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Another one of our WWE superstars who now look completely unrecognizable is Sable. Of course, this is no surprise as it has been a while since we last saw her.

Sable was one of the most beautiful women in WWE’s history. And she is still stunning today, yet she somehow looks completely different.

While working as a pro wrestler in WWE, Sable met her husband Brock Lesnar. They went on to have children together and are still married today.

Sable eventually decided to spend more time with her family and say goodbye to pro wrestling. In fact, it has been more than twenty years since Sable wrestled for the WWE.

Since her retirement, Sable decided to stay out the spotlight. So, snaps of the former WWE superstar are exceedingly rare.

With the few snaps there are of her, it is clear that Sable has aged. But that being said, she has aged beautifully and is probably still one of the most beautiful women out there.

3. Adam Rose

Adam Rose
Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Another addition to our list of WWE superstars who now look completely unrecognizable is Adam Rose. Since his release in 2016, Rose now looks very different.

When Rose was still in the WWE, his “Rosebuds” were a starting point for many now famous WWE superstars. In fact, Nikki Cross, Becky Lynch and even Braun Strowman were once a Rosebud.

Adam Rose never reached his full potential in the WWE. Unfortunately, he encountered a slew of personal problems back in 2016.

When the WWE got wind of the problems surrounding Rose, he was released quietly from the company.

Rose went on to wrestle for another three years after his release, but announced his retirement in 2019.

Back when Rose was in the WWE, he was arguably a cruiserweight. Now, he could easily compete as a heavyweight. 

Despite the obvious weight gain, it still looks like Adam Rose is in good physical shape. 

To date, there is little news surrounding Adam Rose. His departure pretty much ended any momentum he had at the time.

4. Sunny 

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Boy, where do we even begin when talking about former  WWE wrestler and manager Sunny. One thing is certain, she did make our list of WWE superstars who look completely unrecognizable today.

Sunny was arguably the most popular female wrestler/manager of her time. Some of her most memorable moments including managing the Legion of Doom 2000.

Unfortunately, Sunny faced her release in 1998. She was surrounded by rumors of painkiller addiction, no-shows, and even feuds with the likes of Sable.

Sunny would continue on the indies and eventually ended up in WCW in 2000. However, she was once again released with rumors of drug abuse.

As the years went on, Sunny started to look dramatically different. There is also no shortage of Sunny photographs and footage.

WWE superstars completely unrecognizable
Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Unfortunately, the footage and photos all relate to her recent arrests. At the time of this article, Sunny has just been released from prison again.

Sunny’s latest legal trouble included charges such as eluding a police officer, violation of a domestic retraining order, and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license. 

Let’s hope Sunny gets her life on track again after yet another stint in prison. Otherwise, it is a waste of talent at this rate…

5. Spike Dudley

Spike Dudley
Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Spike Dudley had one of the most unique looks during his popular days. So, it is no surprise that he looks considerably different now. 

Spike pretty much looks like my dad these days. And considering his previous look, we all have to admit it’s definitely an improvement from his tag team days.

Dudley was once at the top of the tag team division, especially when he became a part of the Dudley Boyz. He also carried the Hardcore Championship a whopping eight times during his career.

Unfortunately, Spike Dudley’s career with the WWE ended permanently in 2005.

After his release, he would go onto appear in the indies as well as Impact Wrestling.

It would not take long before Spike Dudley retired from pro wrestling completely. So, it wasn’t just his looks that changed dramatically.

Before he became a wrestler, Spike was a teacher’s assistant. Nowadays, he makes a living as a financial transition specialist. 

How strange would it feel to have a former hardcore champion providing you with financial advice? Either way, it seems Spike has found a good place in life among us regular mortals. 

Let us know in the comments who else looks so different now that you wouldn’t recognize them if you bumped into them on the street!

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