molly holly wwe producer
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Earlier in 2021, she became a Hall of Famer, but now we have a Molly Holly-WWE producer update. Plus, a Hall of Famer is in bad shape.

Molly Holly – WWE Producer Update

If you have not been paying attention, WWE shows hit the road again next month. With that, we get more producers, so here’s a Molly Holly-WWE producer update.

molly holly wwe producer

source: custom, Diva Dirt Twitter screenshot

Yes, WWE has brought in the Hall of Famer to be a producer.

Thus far, the move is still seen as being in a trial period. However, with the return to the road not far off, WWE knows they will need more producers again.

This need was driven by the fact they released a large number of their producers early in 2020 as the pandemic was in full swing.

Now, they are bringing some old ones back, but adding new ones.

We already covered that WWE brought back former producer Shawn Daivari. His return was just this past Friday on SmackDown.

At the same time, per PWInsider, Molly Holly has been trying her hand as a WWE producer.

By all accounts so far, her trial seems to be going well.

As WWE prepares to return to touring, they will need all hands on deck to make a smooth and painless re-start.

That means some old faces and some new faces, and Mighty Molly may play a mighty important part in that.

Molly Holly-WWE producer has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

More and more, we are hearing about specific producers meaning so much toward the success of a show or particular segments.

Many Superstars recently praised Tyson Kidd for his excellent production of women’s matches. Perhaps Molly Holly will have similar succes.

Hall Of Famer In Bad Shape

In some less than happy news, a Hall of Famer is in bad shape.

That isn’t exactly a clear headline, but here’s the clarification.

The Hall of Famer in question is Japanese legend Antonio Inoki.

antonio inoki

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PWInsider has kept fans updated on the health of the Hall of Famer. For what it’s worth, Antonio Inoki has shared video updates as well.

For anyone familiar with the larger than life star, you can see that his various ailments have taken a toll on him.

He has spent a lot of the year in a hospital, most recently for emergency surgery to address an intestinal issue.

Age, coupled with illnesses and the wear and tear that comes with being such an incredible superstar in the wrestling world, are not painting a great picture for Antonio Inoki.

Factoring those all in, and the giant figure is in bad shape.

Of course, this does not mean to write him off. Far from it.

However, he’s battling several health issues and if all goes well, has a long way to go on the road to recovery.