Nikki Cross and Shelton Benjamin Build Brilliant Feud on Social Media

After their chance encounter...

Nikki Cross and Shelton Benjamin may have been dramatically underused on the main roster, it does not mean they are sitting backstage waiting for an opportunity. Instead, they have created an opportunity for themselves, creating a brilliant feud on social media after their chance encounter on SmackDown Live before WrestleMania.

What’s in the Box

Nikki Cross and Shelton Benjamin have continued their feud, as Nikki is upset that Shelton did not want to play. The segment created by Cross and Benjamin involves the simple use of two boxes, some drama, and a big surprise at the end. It is a perfect example of wrestler creativity we should see more of in the WWE. Watch the segment and see what you think!

Fan Response to the Nikki Cross and Shelton Benjamin Online Feud

Many fans are loving the renewed feud between Nikki Cross and Shelton Benjamin. It may be relatively simple, but boy many want to see more (myself included). Here are some of the best fan responses, including my own.

Proof of WWE’s Stifling Scripts and Production

It is no secret that a lot of good ideas coming from wrestlers do not make it to the main roster. The writers often get blamed too, but many people forget that Vince McMahon or another member of his production team always have the final say. In which case, many amazing feuds and ideas never come on our television screens.

Most wrestlers are resigned to their fate when they are left backstage without a storyline. Of course, some wrestlers take things into their own hands and post some interesting things on social media. Do not be fooled though, even their social media is scrutinised on a regular basis. If they post anything that could place the company in danger, they are bound to be told off for it. Whether or not the segment between Nikki Cross and Shelton Benjamin has been approved remains to be seen.

Creativity In and Out of the Ring

A lot needs to be said about wrestlers just being creative. It often ends up being some of the best pieces of television in history, yet with wrestlers being incredibly controlled these days, that creativity is very few and far in between.Β  Segments like the one between Nikki and Benjamin does make you wonder if wrestlers should be given more creative freedom.

On the topic of creative freedom, remember when Matt Hardy just arrived back into the WWE. He had created a hype around himself and his family. Despite being on the indies, he managed to create a larger than life character. And, that got him a massive following and eventually saw him returning to the WWE. While his character has now faded back into the background because of WWE bureaucracy, Matt Hardy is a prime example of how creative wrestlers could make a product better.

Would you like to see more creative freedom for WWE wrestler to make the product better? Or do you believe the WWE should remain in control of all storylines? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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