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Current Status Of Bray Wyatt, WWE Changing Pay-Per-Views

Where is Bray Wyatt and what is his current status? WNZ has the information on this! Plus, WWE pay-per-views are changing, moving forward.

Many WWE fans are wondering just where Bray Wyatt is? The unique character hasn’t been seen since WrestleMania.

Alexa Bliss took him out back in April when she turned on him during his match with Randy Orton. Will the Firefly Funhouse host ever be back?

Current Status Of Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt has vanished since WM 37. His absence has been noticeable, and he’s been missed by many fans.

He first left last year, when the Fiend was burned alive by Randy Orton. While he returned for a brief moment during ‘Mania season, there are those in the WWE Universe that miss the superstar.

The big question that looms is, will he ever be back? What’s the reason behind his absence?

Status Quo For Bray Wyatt

According to PW Insider, Bray is being kept off TV on purpose. He does not have heat with anyone backstage.

In fact, the report also notes that his WM match against Randy Orton went exactly as planned. So, why is he not in current storylines?

There’s speculation that the WWE might be holding off on his return until they can get a solid pop from a live crowd. The company will begin heading back on tour and doing live events as of July.

Could Wyatt and the Fiend make a comeback for SummerSlam? Anything is possible.

For now, fans continue to get their creepy storylines from Alexa Bliss. She’s currently in an interesting program with Shayna Baszler.

Speaking of SummerSlam, the WWE is planning on holding a shorter pay-per-view (PPV) than years past. This will give fans in attendance enough time to head to the Manny Pacquiao event happening on the same night in Vegas.

Sounds like this will be a trend moving forward. Who’s up for shorter WWE PPVs from here on out?

WWE Changing Pay-Per-Views

WWE PPVs can feel like they last forever. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but sometimes it’s not.

Current Status Bray Wyatt
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Mat Men Pro Wrestling Postcast offered some insight on WWE PPVs and their length. Andrew Zarian talked about the company’s strategy going forth.

As the PPVs air now on Peacock, the WWE no longer reports on numbers for these events. As such, Zarian noted that WWE PPVs will be “a bit shorter now”.

Peacock Partnership Changed A Lot Of Things

A lot of things changed with WWE programming once they hit Peacock. Certain stats don’t need to be presented to investors any more.

One of those numbers is “watched hours”. That used to be a big deal with the WWE Network, and now it no longer is.

Longer PPVs and specials kept viewers watching the WWE Network for, well, longer. These numbers aren’t important anymore with the Peacock partnership.

Thus, the reason behind shorter PPVs! There’s no need for longer shows, as there’s no need to worry about “watched hours”.

SummerSlam will start at 8 p.m. EST and should be over at approximately 11 p.m. EST. As one of WWE’s Big Four events, it’ll be about three hours in total.

Expect this to be the trend moving forward. A nice change for most within the WWE Universe.

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