Maria Kanellis Evolution PPV
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Maria Kanellis saw the success of the Evolution PPV and when she asked WWE about another, they apparently had no plans. Also, AEW is going to once again push Jungle Boy.

Maria Kanellis Told Evolution 2 PPV Won’t Happen

WWE made a major change when they brought Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks to the main roster. They were leaving the divas division in the past and the female wrestlers were now fellow superstars.

Since that segment, WWE drastically changed how they portrayed women on TV. They went from two minute Bra & Panties Matches to closing pay per views.

Also, we have seen women get their own Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Money In The Bank and tag titles.

In October 2018, WWE was ready to make more history. Evolution, the first all women’s pay per view, took place. 

There have been plenty of rumors of the event returning, but nothing came to fruition. So, that brings former WWE superstar Maria Kanellis into the fold.

Maria Kanellis Says Mark Carrano Was Not Into Evolution 2

While speaking with Women’s Talk Wrestling, she reveled recently fired WWE higher up Mark Carrano said the event would never happen again.

“I was told it’s never happening again,” said Kanellis. “That was from Mark Carrano, that it will never happen again.” 

“And I mean, now I’m sure because there is such a buzz about it, I’m sure they’re gonna try and find a way of doing it again. But, as far as I knew, when I left the company, Evolution was never happening again.” 

“And I think the reason why they did it the first time was more of a PR stunt than it was a real action. A real statement about women in wrestling.”

PR stunt or not, the show received a positive response from fans. It was long overdue and every match showcased the talent of female superstars. 

Carrano was famously fired about two months ago. He took the blame for an incident with Mickie James.

Basically, Mickie was sent a package from WWE with her belongs in a trash bag and her name on it. She shared a picture on social media, leading to Carrano’s release and WWE publicly apologizing.

AEW Push Back On

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Finally, AEW is starting to get back to normal after the COVID pandemic caused them to make drastic changes. They have large crowds again and are preparing to hit the road as they have several new TV shows coming.

Before the pandemic, AEW had plans to push Jungle Boy. He was set to feud with then AEW World Champion Chris Jericho, but that was paused. 

While Jungle Boy still has been on TV the past year, he was not used too frequently. Mostly, he was seen alongside Jurassic Express.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer went over Jungle Boy’s quick rise in recent weeks.

“One of the things with him was, a year ago — I remember a year ago — it was like, ‘we’re gonna push him, but we’re gonna wait for crowds,’ and now here’s crowds and they went all the way, right away,” said Meltzer. “I mean the reality is that if there were crowds, you knew he was gonna do a program with Jericho when Jericho was world champion.” 

“That ended up not happening because we had a pandemic. Now Jericho is long gone as champion.”

The two did wrestle in the early days on AEW. Jungle Boy and Jericho went to a time limit draw.

At Double Or Nothing, Jungle Boy last eliminated Christian Cage to earn a future title shot. Later this month, it will be AEW World Champion Kenny Omega against the young and promising Jungle Boy.

At only 23 years old, AEW sees a bright future for Jungle Boy. It is too earl to make him World Champion, but his day is coming in a matter of a few years.

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