edge wrestlemania plans changed
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While we got to enjoy an unexpected main event Sunday, that wasn’t always expected-when did Edge’s WrestleMania plans change? And what is up with Alex Bliss and her current booking?

Edge WrestleMania Plans Changed

The Rated R Superstar worked Sunday’s main event, but that wasn’t always what he expected. We can now discuss when those Edge WrestleMania plans changed.

edge wrestlemania plans changed

Source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

The WWE Hall of Famer, winner of the 2021 Royal Rumble, discussed his path to WrestleMania during the media sessions.

As covered by Inside the Ropes, up until early this year, Edge was very much expecting to finish his trilogy of matches against Randy Orton.

Clearly, WWE had different ideas. It had been speculated since last year that Edge could have been in line for a Rumble win and title shot, especially after he went down with his torn tricep.

The injury made him an ideal candidate for a surprise Rumble return. The return was revealed ahead of the Rumble, primarily due to pandemic considerations and a lack of a live crowd.

WWE pivoted from a potential Orton rematch and instead gave us Edge, Rumble winner with a WrestleMania title shot.

Normally, a Rumble winner expects a one on one shot against the champion of their choosing. That wasn’t in the cards…but Edge didn’t know that right away.

According to the Rated R Superstar, the talent was told at or around the time of Fastlane that the main event of Edge versus Roman Reigns would change.

That change, of course, was a triple threat that included Daniel Bryan.

Whatever the reason for the change, it’s hard to say that it was a bad call.

Clearly the WrestleMania plans weren’t what Edge initially expected…but things worked out, sort of. Obviously, Edge did not capture the title, as he had hope…but he did get to main event WrestleMania.

Alexa Bliss Current Booking

If what happened at WrestleMania left you perplexed, you are probably pondering Alexa Bliss‘ current booking.

To recap, Alexa Bliss created a bizarre distraction during the opening bout on Sunday. That distraction resulted in Randy Orton pinning a reborn Fiend.

alexa bliss current booking

Source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

After the ending, things didn’t look great between Bliss and the somtime-Bray Wyatt.

Since WrestleMania, that relationship has only continued to fracture. Bliss had an episode of Alexa’s Playground on this week’s RAW, and things only got darker and more intriguing.

This begs the question…what is WWE doing with Alexa Bliss and her current booking.

According to the Wrestling Observer...they don’t know for sure.

It sounds like someone within WWE has realized the challenge of having some super powerful, driven by dark forces Superstar.

Losing to The Fiend was tough for some Superstars. Losing to the dark Alexa Bliss has driven Nikki Cross off of television completely.

Right now, WWE may not have a specific direction for Bliss, for at least one good reason. They are concerned that she could bury yet another Superstar…and they want to avoid that.

As layered and nuanced as characters like The Fiend and the dark version of Alexa Bliss can be…they pose challenges and bring with them unintended consequences.

The best news here is that perhaps some within WWE Creative finally acknowledged that issue.

So what does that mean for Alexa Bliss and her current booking? That is unclear, but it seems we can expect plenty more of the dark and twisted Alexa and her playground, complete with new friend Lilly.

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