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Kenny Omega Young Bucks
March 10, 2023
AEW is pushing hard to re-sign Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, but WWE is also in the mix. And, Alexa Bliss is reportedly on a hiatus.
Good Brothers Deal Stipulation
February 8, 2023
Since re-signing with the WWE, The Good Brothers have added an interesting stipulation to their deal. Plus, Alexa Bliss clears up a rumor.
WWE raw up against national championship
January 9, 2023
It’s another RAW in a Nutshell, and this week the show is up against some stiff competition, as the national championship game is on.
mercedes mone njpw debut
January 4, 2023
While we all knew it was coming, Mercedes Mone makes her NJPW debut…and fans react. Plus, will we see a RAW title change soon?
battle fight austin theory
December 12, 2022
It’s time for another RAW In A Nutshell, and this week it’s all about a battle to fight Austin Theory for the United States title!
Sami Zayn
November 29, 2022
Sami gets a lot more Ucey, Alexa Bliss isn’t paying attention, and Austin Theory hits a growth spurt on this week’s Raw
Hints Bray Wyatt Return
September 20, 2022
There’s been a ton of hints around a Bray Wyatt WWE return, and WNZ has all the latest. Plus, is Alexa Bliss headed for a gimmick change?
Ortiz Santana Same Page
July 13, 2022
Are the rumors true about AEW stars Santana & Ortiz not being on the same page anymore? Plus, is a creative change coming for Alexa Bliss?
Alexa Bliss Dark Gimmick
Alexa Bliss reveals she pitched a “darker” gimmick for her recent return. Plus, is Brandi Rhodes making an in-ring comeback?
Alexis Bliss Corey Graves
Alexa Bliss recently snapped back at Corey Graves for a comment he made at the RAW announce table. Plus, an AEW talent has been arrested.
former superstar final match
A former Superstar announces his final match is coming up soon. Plus in some scary news, Alexa Bliss has been threatened by a fan.
Alexa Bliss
The May 23rd Monday Night Raw saw a lot of wrestling plus some interesting developments with Alexa Bliss and Edge’s Judgement Day
WWE Superstars More Training
The WWE Performance Center gets a lot of unfair flak for being a failure. But there have been a lot of stars to come out of the PC
Monday Night Raw
We had a return and a few other surprises on the RAW after Backlash. And once again, I repeat, Ezekiel and Elias are NOT the same person
Alexa Bliss WWE Creative
April 19, 2022
A new report indicates that Alexa Bliss is frustrated with WWE Creative! Plus., there’s an NXT star who left the company recently.
Alexa Bliss Return Plan
April 16, 2022
WWE has a return plan for when Alexa Bliss heads back to TV. And, AEW’s Tony Khan was not happy how the debut for Satnam Singh went.
Fatal Crash Tammy Sytch
April 9, 2022
We are learning details about the fatal car crash that Tammy Sytch (aka Sunny) was involved in. And, why has Alexa Bliss been off WWE TV.
how bad wwe morale
February 7, 2022
After so much chaos, how bad is WWE morale right now? Plus, Alexa Bliss likely has more therapy sessions before we see her again live.