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In March 1974, Dan Rowan and Dick Martin were Dean Martin’s “Men of the Hour “at his Celebrity Roast. Many people came up on the dais to roast the “Laugh In” creators but nobody brought down the house that night quite like Foster Brooks. 

Brooks perfectly played the role of a gentleman who had been over served, but he tried hard not to let anyone else know it.

He was a regular on Dean Martin’s Roasts.

Everyone howled when Foster Brooks would stumble up to the podium. You just knew the room was going to soon be filled with laughter. 

The King Of Cool Couldn’t Stop Laughing

Dean Martin himself was usually the person who was most affected by Foster Brooks’ routine.

The King of Cool couldn’t keep it together when Foster took the microphone.

He would often laugh to the point of tears.

Martin was known for his drunk comedic routines, but even he couldn’t touch Foster Brooks!

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Foster Brooks portrayed a head writer on “Laugh In” in this Celebrity Roast.

Brooks’ Timing Was Perfect

Everything was perfect in this roast, from the mispronunciation, to the stammering, to trying to remember what he was saying.

Then of course, there were the confused looks. 

Typical of any Dean Martin Roast, there was some collateral damage.

Ruth Buzzi found herself in Foster’s line of comedic fire.

This was back when celebrities could laugh at themselves.

These A Listers didn’t take themselves too seriously.

Ruth and both men of the hour certainly joined in the laughter even at their own expense. 

Before Political Correctness Ruined Comedy

Nobody has been able to reach this level of comedic genius.

While, it would be unlikely that it would be acceptable to make fun of alcoholics in this era of hyper political correctness, it’s important to note that this was a clean routine.

There was no foul language. It was as family friendly as you can get with an inebriated routine. 

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Check out the video below for a hilarious trip down memory lane with Foster Brooks!

Today’s television can’t compare with anything from back then.

They weren’t worried about hurting anyone’s feelings.

That was the point of a roast.

If you didn’t want to be offended, you have the option to not attend or to change the channel!

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